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April 20, 2006


steve PMX

I made the bad decision to eat mushrooms on 4/20 back in 1996 - ended up having to drive somewhere with some friends about an hour after we ate them. Dude driving starts going crazy and runs a bunch of stop signs, then guns it to like 60mph (25mph zone). We shoot through one 4-way stop, unharmed. then he tries the next one and some lady in a minivan was coming through - we slammed into her really bad. She was unconscious and her head was on the horn. I had broken glass in my ear cuz I was sitting shotgun, and thats the side that hit her. Bad story short - I got my breath and immediately went into escape mode. hippy friend told me I had a Satanic aura around my face - then I looked at my watch and it was 4:20. Moral: don't drive with tripping hippies on 4/20. ever.


holidays is for working men , hippies are always on a holiday.

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