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April 14, 2006



Besides Björk, et al.


man, ch. is on TOP of things.
speaking of man - i am very pleased to see iceland giving such support to its transgendered talent........... you GO, um. ...girl.


Though ethnically ambiguous, she's still no bjork. The song on her Myspace page made baby Jesus cry.

Oh, wait, todays Easter. I mean it made zombie Jesus cry.


". . . transgendered talent"

Either my eyes doth decieve me, or this picture from the linked page definitively disproves that hypothesis:


You doubt that she's a she? The comment on the CD Baby site for Radio-Rapist-Wrestler clearly says "you can see her piss-clam on the centre-fold." So there!


surely, you realize that the nordic countries are FAR beyond us in the nether-region-surgeries dept. piss clams ain't proof of anything. i wanna see a dna test.......


I saw this girl when I was in Reykjavik 4 years ago. I can exactly remember where. She was wearing a jeans jacket. You guess it. That's where my eyes went.



Icelanders are the worst racists on the planet. They are extremely jealous of Independant Sexy Genius Leoncie who does not depend on the racist icelandic turd of a government for anything. Now bjork, sigurros and and the other sponges have been sucking billions of and billions of Dollars fron the icelandic tax payers to promote thier filthy noise called music. Just look at that retards face. That is a downs syndrome hag Duffer In the Dark.Her father is related to the very man who made Iceland Bankrupt.
Yeah! bankrupt Iceland still has music losers who need borrowed money from the Internation Monetary Fund to promote talentless losers such as voiceless bjork.
Has she sold trillions of albums, then she would save her bankrupt country form sinking under. She is icelands biggest Benefit Bandit.


cant believe i missed this until now!

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