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April 20, 2006


Danny Ings

This has prompted me to ask a question for which the answer has illuded me for several years. The band The Orb released several version of the tune 'Towers of Dub'. Now on several versions there is a sample of an altercation between a cop and a 'blabby mouthed, long haired, yankie hippie'. The individual concerned has been caught with three 'hundred pounds of grass' which he 'didn't know he was carrying around' which the cop replies 'you mean to tell me you been goin' round with three hundred pounds of hash and you didn't know got had on you, boy.' 'Grass man, grass'..... Later in the diologue the cop asks the 'boy's' name who replies 'Claud Nine'. The cop eventually gets annoyed and calls the judge 'who don't like no yankee hippies'. He calls said judge and tells him of his predicament with the hippie and tells him his name is 'Nine, Cloud Nine'. Well I could go on. Can anyone tell me what film or TV programme this came from? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Oh well, back to my essay. Love. A British hippy!

Hal Knight

The sample used in Towers of Dub (Ambient Mix) is from a skit called "Hippie and the Redneck" by the comedy team Hudson & Landry.


Thanks so much! Making a playlist to roll and smoke a blunt.

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