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April 06, 2006


reynard d. fox

And in related news...


single best thing i have ever seen!


Very funny!

His entire body appears to be involved in that feedback.

A Chair

I lament the fact that in an hour or so I'm gonna stop bursting into uncontrollable laughter at the thought of microphones or feedback.


Obvious question, but was he wearing any sort of hearing protection?

Brian C

Oh geez, I'm having bad flashbacks of pretentious art schooling.
I used to do little performance stunts like this (but way more low-budget).

I think I'm getting old.
I guess I am old.


You are old. That was radical!


Did somebody say Sonic Youth's Silver Sessions?


I'm with Burton. I would have been down on my hands and knees in agony within three seconds. If he does this regularly, I can say only one word: tintinitis.

reynard d. fox

That's tinnitus; tintinitis is what you get from being a star reporter with a fox terrier barking in your ear all the time.

Brian C

I used to use the "word" tintinitis too! Finally realized I was thinking of tintinabulation.

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