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April 12, 2006


Ed Word


Krys O.


l'il miss leather



both are sporting hair weaves or implants, right? Male pattern baldness. The scourge of our gender....

TG Gibbon

Oh no you di'n't!


Neither one has done anything interesting in years.


"Neither one has done anything interesting in years."

Ditto Elvis Costello & Donald Pleasance.

Krys O.

Well, you can't fault Donald Pleasance as he's a stiff. Bereft of life. An Ex-Donald.


try Michael Moore and the Velvets Maureen Tucker

Bill W

or John Malkovich vs Michael Stipe.

Steve PMX

Master of Sock Puppets

The Krown

Try a recent photo of Tom Waits and Ned Beatty. And Eddie Vedder is simply Dennis Quaid with a wig.

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