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April 26, 2006


Queen Bee Janine

I love bees (as you can tell by my email address! - in fact many years ago I had a 'zine dedicated to my love of bees), and am fortunate enough to live right across the street from a man who keeps bees on his roof. I am always telling people about how important and underappreciated bees are, even in urban areas, and that they should eat local honey for their allergies!

Krys O.

Bees are our friends. Except if you're allergic to the stings of mean ole drones. Don't forget your epi pen.

I love the lumbering, fat bumblebees that I see each day at the wooden suburban bus stop on my way home from work. They seem to be performing the same play for generations; one bee guards his domain while one or two others try to whack him. They get into it so much that they bump into people waiting for the bus.


And if your neighbors complain about your consorting with dangerous insects, a nice jar of all-natural local honey is a good way to help keep them quiet.

And if you wind up with too much honey on your hands? Convert it to the nectar of the gods - mead.

Brian C

Krys O,

Those big bumblebees are male carpenter bees; they're looking for females. They do not sting. They eat wood kind of like termites, but aren't so destructive.

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