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April 23, 2006



When I was adding cover art to my collection, I was dismayed to find the comps "Best of Korean Indie vol. 1", "Japan Will Kick Your Ass" and "There Is Only the Ocean" (4 disc noise/experimental set) do not really exist as records, fucked up my whole sence of closure!

Caveat: Don't expect Korean "indie" to sound like Pavement.


I use Soulseek myself, but, if you have the disposable income, I highly recommend buying the three *Songs the Cramps Taught Us* collections. Along with great sound, you get a quality booklet which runs down a history of each artist, and photos for many of them (as well as photos of some of the 45 RPM singles). Plus, each cover is a killer reproduction of a cover from E.C. Comics' horror line.


I've actually made a purely virtual comp of minimal synth and new wave. It's called "The Anesthetic's Wearing Off" and you can find the tracklisting here.


Isn't that "Lux and Ivy" as in "Poison Ivy Rorschach" (nee Kristy Wallace)?


you've gotta watch out for that wacky Lux and Ivory!


I think my subconscious interfered with my writing. Corrected the misspelling, but now I have to get that Stevie Wonder/Paul McCartney song out of my head.

Domenica Clark

If you're on Soulseek, I suggest a compilation I have in three parts that is called "Andrew's Curious Blue Mix" and my soulseek name is NikkiLighthouse. The stuff on those comps is great Euro disco and synth stuff.

Lux Answer


These "Home-made" comps have been made by a friend called nimereht (from MONKEY BUTLERS, an extremely good garage band). We are many cramps fans and the idea of these comps was of compiled all the songs that the cramps have cited in interviews, radio or TV shows, etc... or simply compiled by lux himself, like by exemple in the famous Vip Vop tapes. Evidently, there's blanks as by exemple the famous "The First Singles From Outer Space" by NASA & THE SPUTNIKS given in a Lux's Top 10 in march 80 in the NME (but we are sure that it's a joke of Lux), or the famous genius "Peter Gunn" version of the vip vop...


Hey Roger, I downloaded that whole thing from a bunch of people on Soulseek a while back. Good stuff.


I have downloaded a few good comps over the soulseek.
a good one is called
60's french sountracks and instrumental cd.

soulseek is a big time consumer though.
I think I had my pc on for a year dl'ing the whole time.

it will drive a completist mad though.


I second the Songs the Cramps Taught Us collection. Best rockabilly comp I've heard (unless this one trumps it)


Fans of the strange, groovy and eclectic should check out my "djfreshmoney faves" compilations. Soulseek User name: djfreshmoney

Alexei A. Korolev

Hi, soulseek rocks. but seems its unstable protocol due using central server :(

Ray N.E. Ohio

Does anyone have a method of contacting Lux or Ivy via email or through an agent? I have in my collection the striped jacket Lux is wearing on the back of the Gravest Hits album as he's climbing through the audience. I will be in Hollywood in June and would like to return it to him.

Tangella Filps

I've got Forbidden City Dog Food on vinyl and I've been trying for years to find other stuff by these people - thank GOD for soulseek! That's all I have to say. And these Lux and Ivy compilations are amazing, as are "songs the cramps taught us."

Kid Spoons_UK

yay...loved Sheriff & The Revels' 'Shombolar' for a while but hadn't actually made The Cramps connection, but then i probably heard the song through The Cramps thing in the 1st place anyway...!!! just to let you guys know, there is now a 7th Volume available on Soulseek...!!! enjoy...!!!


Cool page!!


well, I have one more...

It is called SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY and there are roughly 150 volumes (!!) of the series out there.
It is mainly about early music, lots of 1940s big band stuff and such.
Well, I like it, as it is timeless music.

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