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April 03, 2006



Nice articules. Best regards from Poland!

LUKEY from ozz

ahhhhhh.........that time of thee month again......yummy......songflesh mmmmmmm...


Wow, a scary amount of "Lonely People" in that Jason Forrest track. Very nice.


Thanks for the fine selections. If you're looking for "Cannibal" on cd, I'd search for the combined "Galileo - I Cannibali" soundtrack disc, which also contains the killer "Song of Life" (I think the vocalist is Peter Tevis).
Check this out:


man, these WFMU DJ's are really full of themselves. Half of the mp3 posts on this blog are audio clips of some geeky WFMU DJ doing something very geeked-out


Oops. Ain't I silly. The vocalist on "Cannibal" and "Song of Life" is Don Powell, not Peter Tevis.

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