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April 17, 2006


Steve PMX

That riddim database must have been a pain in the ass to compile. What is it with Germans and dancehall anyways? Seems weird that dancehall would turn into such a huge deal somewhere like Germany. There's a couple German dancehall records I've heard that literally scare the shit out of me. And the beats were all cracked out. Awesome

$mall ¢hange

There is a good label called Germaican (get it!?) that does some quality schlitz and gets established folks like Anthony B and Beenie Man for tracks. They did a riddim called 'Cure' which cuts and flips (you guessed it) a Cure song into a nice dancehall beat (In Between Days? I forget). And they did a quality roots rhythm called 'Doctor's Darling'. Also the Basic Channel/Rhythm and Sound people are responsible for a lot of the Wackie's label reissues. For evil reggae shit check Al'Haca Soundsystem, more on the The Bug type of dark, dirty electronic dancehall.

Steve PMX

Wackies/R&S/Tikiman all great stuff. They just stocked the Tower Records by my house with a shitload of Wackies re-issues. But of course, the idiot who stocked them had no idea what section to put them in - so I found Wackies stuff in the Punk section, the Metal section, the Techno section, and the Rock section. Guess they all kinda work.


Great tunes! That makes up for the Utrecht Record Fair. Just spend my last money and found... Yeah. A stand ran by a Jamaican piled up high with all those lovely hard vinyl 7" originals. I just couldn't look.
'Cuss Cuss' is my all time fav riddim by the way.

$mall ¢hange

Cuss Cuss is my shit. 'There is no such thing as a non-violent revolution...' Love Burro Banton's 'Tek A Set' on that...

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