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April 24, 2006



Hopefully Jordy will bridge the French/Finnish gap, and pull a comeback collaboration with Lordi.


Can someone explaineurovision
to me, I find it baffling. Are they making fun of us?

Click on 'video' at the top and don't miss out on the entries from Iceland and Germany.


First things first: The original Finnish greeting is "Terve", short for "Tervetuloa", though the Swedish import "Hei" is quite popular, to the dismay of some traditionalists (and/or nationalists).

The Eurovision song contest is one of those traditions that make everyone doubt whether Europe was really the birth place of civilization. Probably it is proof that it wasn't. Here is how it works: There are primaries in every country, leading up to the big contest, where every country presents one song. Then the countries vote and the winner is allowed to sing his/her/their song a second time.

Countries cannot vote for themselves, but Germans frequently drive to Holland to vote for the German entry, and the Turkish song traditionally is #1 in the German vote, due to the large Turkish immigrant population in Germany. Of course these tricks only work in countries where the system is popular vote by telephone, which isn't the case everywhere, there are "professional juries" in some countries.

In Germany the whole thing was basically in the hand of atrocious "songwriter" Ralph Siegel, until Stefan Raab and Guildo Horn, with the help of the biggest German tabloid "Bild", won the German primary in the 90s with a song which was just a stupid joke. This made Ralph Siegel very angry, and he was throwing public fits about the violation of the sanctity of the Grand Prix d'Eurovision and the decline of morals in general.

There is more to it, but watching this contest on TV every year was one of those enjoyable tacky traditions because it all was so bad, and the people involved were taking it very seriously, at least most of them.


Suomi maailmaandominaatio!


and of course, strictly speaking... eurovision isn't just for europe. any country which is a member of the eurovision broadcasting union, or whatever it's called is eligable to send an entry. eurovision gets pretty global in it's own way, and i think it could only get better with wider ranging input. i distincly remember one year a columbian impersonating (australian) peter andre on behalf of norway. global f#$king village or what? i also think austria was robbed a few years ago. to wit:


In the early eighties there were quite a few heavy metal bands competing in the Eurovision song contest. I don't remember any of them doing particularly well, in fact Norway was notorious for entering unconventional heavy metal bands that scored nil point at Eurovision.


Lordi will perform 'Hard Rock Hallelujah' in the next round of the Eurovision Grand Prix, so prepare to dial in your votes. The official single will be released on 19.05. And then, on 20.05 the final decision will come down in Athens. A grandiose pyro show is guaranteed, and for your viewing pleasure click on the link for a short but amusing film from Finland

Have you seen the trigger happy TV version of the Daz Doorstep challenge..... Genius!
There is NO working class anymore... Just Chavs and everyone else. (Download Daz Sampson Teenage Life music)


Lordi won!!
It's not a joke. They got 292 points, the highest ever scored in eurovision.
They also caused Finland to get it's first victory.


Lordi Hard Rock Hallelujah
Guitar Tabs:


And win they did! Congratulations Finland.


I look forward to the negotiations toward the intergalactic conflict between them and GWAR.


I love Lordi! Found them on today too -->

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