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April 13, 2006


Kurt Williams

When a dude's playing air guitar, it always looks like they're stroking a giant air penis.

Next up...'keytar' face?


My wife told me I looked like Stan Laurel when playing the guitar, so now I try to sit impassively and shred like a guitar machine, ala Robert Fripp.


btw, I'd love to expand this thing to ridiculous(er) heights, so check back often -- and send me your pics!


Why is that everyone who does these guitar solos always close their eyes before they hit the high note? Is it to impress or is it really emotional? Don't they know it would be so much easier with a slide bar?

Editor, The J.E.I.

What a lovely collection of uncomfortably private musical moments. Looks like they all read the book...


genius! this godsmack interview seems an appropriate complement to these pix:

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