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April 24, 2006



On one of the nice days the other week, I was walking around one of my neighboring towns, and saw some loitering teenagers, and one of them was wearing a Misfits shirt. And then I realised, that's classic rock to them, and it kind of depressed me.


David S Ware is from Scotch Plains and Pat Dinizo of The Smithereens ran for mayor of Scotch Plains. George Clinton on the other hand is from Plainfield as is the notorious Big Beat Records.


I know you mentioned the Feelies, but you didn't say where they're from -- Haledon, which is in Passaic. So that may skew your list a little. I'd rank them up there with the Misfits in the 'important alt-NJ' category. And they're a seminal Maxwell's band as well, and their first LP (Crazy Rhythms) was on Stiff, so they should get some points for that.....

just so ya know,

dave in montreal

Plainfield! Home to not just George Clinton but all of the Parliaments. Plus Bernie Worrell and Eddie Hazel...


I went to see the Sticks & Stones reunion show at Asbury Lanes on Saturday night... There were a LOT of Misfits shirts in the crowd.


On one of the nice days the other week, I was walking around one of my neighboring towns, and saw some loitering teenagers, and one of them was wearing a Misfits shirt. And then I realised, that's classic rock to them, and it kind of depressed me.


Most Jersey hardcore kid I knew thought the Misfits were a goofy throw back to Kiss. Then there was the fact that Danzig was about 5'4" and quite geeky in a comic book way (pre-"Danzig" muscle man era).

On a related note Rollins is from DC not LA and ALL Los Angeles residents I ever met rolled their eyes at the mention of Henry Rollins (well...not Chuck Dukowski...but Greg Ginn did).

Its gotta be either Bruce or AOD...or maybe they should form a super group.


In Philadelphia the early 80's, the question was do we go to see that night the Misfits in Center city or drive over the bridge to Camden, NJ to see Minor Threat? Easy answer.


How could you not mention the Wrens?? Two of their albums reference New Jersey! Come on people!

mike lupica

I know I didn't mention the Wrens. I also didn't mention The Poor Righteous Teachers, September Violence, Bigger Thomas, Yo La Tengo, Dog Voices, Children in Adult Jails, Monster Magnet, Naughty by Nature, The Feelies, Ripping Corpse, or the Bouncing Souls. It was a closed-circumstance argument only involving Bruce, Bon Jovi, and the Misfits. I'm not saying that any of those three SHOULD be standard bearers of NJ, but to many they are, and I was interested in exploring why that is.

Personally, I like all three of them for the same reason: They all write good, catchy pop songs.

Steve PMX

speaking of Rollins - Black Flag was great/classic....Rollins Band had a few shining moments.... but my favorite Rollins project by far (besides Black Flag, of course) was the band Wartime. Anytime I mention it to somebody, they don't know what I'm talking about. Wartime was the shit. Oh and that crystal meth PSA he did where he was smashing a bunch of stuff. Ironically enough, he totally looks like he's on speed most the time. Or steroids. Or both... speedroids. scary


I know that Springsteen and Bon Jovi have both identified with New Jersey in the past (through songs and album titles). I don't think the Misfits ever did. Maybe that's the difference?


Why has nobody mentioned Paul Simon and The Chordbenders yet?

Listener Paul

It's gotta be Bon Jovi. Bruce might get the nod, but his best album is called Nebraska. NJ wasn't bleak enough for the Boss. It's odd, though. I know lots of people from NJ, and they run the spectrum of musical tastes--and as far as I know, not one like Bon Jovi. I don't think I've ever met anyone who likes Bon Jov. My wife drove a Camaro and lived in Old Bridge, and she doesn't like Bon Jovi. Her brother saw Bon Jovi a bunch of times in various Central Jersey clubs, and he would walk out--said they were the worst band of the era.

What about Charles Ives? One year stint as organist at Bloomfield Presbyterian Church. Now that Rocks.


For what it's worth, when I was in junior high school, Bon Jovi had a *major* following among the female students. But that was back in 1987-1988, so I have no explanation why the band stayed popular after that.

Also FWIW, I've read that Jon Bon Jovi broke into the music business through a family member who was well connected to the corporate record industry. Which might explain how the band got a foot in the door, anyway.


You can't forget some of the popular punkrock bands. like Lifetime, Bouncing Souls and Thursday These bands were and are amazing.

Krys O.

Dramarama were from Jersey. R. Stevie Moore albeit transplanted from Nashvegas is often described as "New Jersey weirdo".


What about "TWISTED 'FUCKIN' SISTER"!!!!

Anthony Atlas

Charles Ives was from NJ?? Bonkers. Didn't that dude pioneer the modern car insurance system while purveying some serious new music shit...?

In any case, I'm drunk in Olympia, Wa, missing NJ big time, thinking that the reason a lot of Jerseyans aren't regularly flexing Misfitian pride is becuase Danzig, unlike Springsteen and Jovi, has found a home far from the Garden State... He reps LA, not NJ. A year ago I was shopping @ Amoeba and saw the small glenn dude w/bodyguard in the horror DVD section there. I've spotted Bruce and Jon looking ecstatic in NJ, at ice cream parlors, beach clubs, and suburban through-ways, yet never spotted a Misfit. The Misfits are not engrained into the soil, like Springsteen and Jovi are. I don't know wjhy. By the way, Debbie Harry is living near Red Bank, and if my friend isn't lying, so is Fred Schneider. He squeezed juice for em both at the local organicky spot..wahhhhhhh


The ridiculously popular group My Chemical Romance hails from n. jersey, my kids went to school with the 2 brothers who are in the band. There were local bands the kids liked better than anything these guys were doing, but these guys are on MTV and shit, good for them.
I, mice-elf, vote Misfits.


My big claim to fame for all of my 19 years as a NJ resident is that I lived across the street from Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein. He and his brother live in Northern NJ near their dad. For a while Doyle was living with Georgeous George the lady wrestler(?).
The enigma of the Misfits global popularity vs local (NJ) has always seemed odd to me as well. Here in Nashville I constantly see Misfit stickers and kids in their t-shirts. Grimeys record store has a dozen 45's for purchase. I've always tended to think that their logo art is likely the draw.


i think the easiest way to answer this question is with a little gedankenexperiment: let's imagine we plop all 3 contenders down on the seaside heights boardwalk at high noon on a fine august day.

who gets laid first?

i know who my money's on.


Steven Van Zandt and Max weinberg, E-street alums, also from Jersey. Just a note, Rollins is a DC guy, though at least one of his original bandmates is from Jersey, and one of their records was recorded here. Ice-T is from Jersey as well. Speaking of Wartime, anyone have that record? Be nice to get that into the fmu vault.


Don't mind me, Mike. I'm just a Wrens nut. I wasn't referencing the argument itself as the list of bands that followed.

I do own Wartime -- meaning that Fast Food for Thought thing? -- and would be quite willing to donate it to WFMU.


Ives isn't from NJ, he just played organ there for a year.

I'm pretty sure one of the B-52s (I guess Fred Schneider) is from NJ.

It does seem like NJ is a decent place for celebs to live a quiet life.

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