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April 21, 2006



More Rolly videos here.


Woah! This guy is amazing!

The rest of the You-Tube stuff is highly entertaining. Why don't we have shows like Hebimeta-san here?

Steve PMX

Suicide Club is a killer movie. Little known fact about the director...
'Both directed and written by Sion Sono, a man whose usual field of filmic work is the gay pornography industry, and starring two heavyweight and extremely well-respected actors (Ryo Ishibashi and Masatoshi Nagase) Suicide Circle is an odd, totally unique and unmissable addition to the field. It's also strangely only rated R-15, despite its multiple and gruesomely gory depictions of the nastiest kinds of suicide possible.'

oh and Dessart (or Dessret as it appears on screen) really do kick ass. Why can't American teen pop groups be nearly as awesome???


Ahhh... Rolly. I agree, it is so hard to find info on him. If it wasn't for YouTube, I would starve!

There are a few Japanese websites featuring Rolly, but hardly anything for the English-only. I am not sure that he knows how popular he has become lately, outside of Japan. Someone at Sony Music in Japan had better wake up!

"Suicide Club" has a great cult following - what an awesome and f**ed up movie! Ryo Ishibashi is great (he also starred in "Audition" - another freaky Japanese mystery/horror).

The movie has lead many a new fan to seek out Rolly. I have heard him referred to as the "Japanese Marc Bolan". What an amazing guitarist and performer extraordinaire.

Rolly Teranishi (former lead of "Scanch"), is a regular cast member of "Rock Fujiyama" (the 2006 incarnation of Marty Friedman's "Hebimeta-san", which aired in 2005). "Fujiyama" began airing on April 3rd. Marty Friedman, ex-Megadeth guitarist, speaks fluent Japanese and lives in Japan.

God Bless YouTube! The show doesn't air outside of Japan, and YouTube is the only "source" the show here out "West".


Wait, so the director usually makes gay porn?

Okay, that explains a LOT about the Suicide Kiss scene. (By the way, "Because Dead" is actually called Suicide Kiss. I loff that song, evne if Rolly's Engrish is painful.) Like why Genesis had a bitch boy on a chain that he liked to pet. And his clothes. Not that I dont love his clothes. Genesis is so jrock, its obvious they would get a real jrock star to play him.

I love Rolly, really, I do.



I love this movie! Great soundtrack, and it took me a while to figure out what the whole movie meant... By the way, he doesn't say "Lesson one the shaving cream," he says "Lesson one de shaving cream." De is a Japanese particle. But "Because dead it's a shine all night long" is pretty bad. lol My favorite line is "Buresou na eiga ni dettekuru Jannu no you ni utsukushiku shitai." (I want to die beautifully like Joan of Arc in a Bresson film.)


The song Rolly sings is called "Suicide Kiss". He is an amazing actor and a skilled musician, I only wish he would star in one of my movies.

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