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April 03, 2006



I'm outraged! Those actors weren't teenagers. What a gyp.

fatty jubbo

cool! now I have a file on my drive called "Teen Orgy"!


why did i never get invited to the teenage sex orgy parties?!


Thank you for highlighting TEENAGE SEX ORGY, otherwise I might not have read this article.


I had to watch this video several times to understand the real underlying problem. OK, like 40 or 50 times. But in the end, it turns out that fear of interracial sex is the real deep underlying evil.

so at least it all makes sense.


I';ve forwarded this video clip to a dozen of my friends so they know what to look for and will know not to watch it because it's bad, very bad.

If they forward it to a dozen friends each, and so on, soon no one will be watching the clip because everyone will know how bad it is -

Tipper Gore

It's all part of the latest moral panic. See this for more:
The Atlantic Monthly
"Are You There God? It's Me, Monica:
How nice girls got so casual about oral sex"
by Caitlin Flanagan

dale hazelton

I'm glad my formative years were spent in better pursuits, like buckling down, doing chores and riding my minibike. These kids are never gonna get in the National Honor Society like this.



Yes, it is an awesome phrase. Would "The FCC Teenage Sex Orgy" be a good band name?

larry the lecher

anyone know the name of the episode? and if it will air again soon? that way I won't be tempted to watch


Please people, wake up and smell the coffee. This stuff goes on every day since i was in school back in 88. people like to make a big deal out of nothing. If they got pregnant, guess they screwed up. Sex is a normal thing, get with the times. too many religious groups out there trying to throw the bible at you. not every one believes someone elses words. i beleive in a higher being and talk to it, but please. this is just a tv show and actors 18 and above, so grow up. where is the parents that should be teaching their kids about sex and other things. usually too busy for the kids, thats what the underlying problem is. teach your kids right and then maybe they wouldnt do these things or at least teach them to be safe.


You sure they didn't lift this footage from the film "Kids"?

I smell lawsuit.


dorhuya ; Thanks!


Pffft. 3 million dollars for that teenage sex orgy video? I can get a better deal at my local adult store. There I can spend $20-$30 for 2 hours of teenage sex orgies. I have to admit though, the music on that CBS clip is far better than anything I can get at the adult video store.


I am a Conservative, Rightwing, Republican. And I think that this whole thing is ridiculous. That clip was not that bad at all. I mean yes, thing were implied, however there was no nakedness and it was like what, 2 minutes long? A 3.6 MILLION dollar fine is RIDICULOUS. The coal mining company that was responsible for the deaths of those 13? trapped miners was only fined $25,000, and it resulted in multipled deaths for god's sake! I think they should have been a little more lenient. I mean the producers should have been more responsible before putting it on the air, and they should have realized that America just isn't ready for that kind of content. If this was aired in Europe, there wouldn't have been any problem.


or you can just browse internet free porn sites to get that :-)


i don't normally like my filth this clean!
i am all for morals and decency, but this episode was a CAUTIONARY story about some of the perceived dangers of reckless and wild sexuality

Some people can handle the sex interaction showed in the clip - some wouldn't even consider it...who am i to judge...or fine 3.8 million.


So *that* is an offensive teen sex orgy? Three Mill fine for that? Somebody saw them coming, though not in the clip... You get nastier stuff on Big Brother in Oz. :P


They should tie up those hot boys with necklesses gag them and slowly dip them into hot wax until they cry for help and act like good boys


this one is cool, a collectors item.

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