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April 29, 2006





Do what they say, not as they do. You can't expect our lawmakers to have any homogeneity in the things they say. All their willy-nilly and flip-floppy schemes are a strategy to keep us confused and flipping coins to decide who to vote for.

Dale Hazelton

When these people in Washington get a limo to work, probably get housing and expenses paid for by their constituants, rarely pay for a meal, etc., why should they really care? When the american public (excluding corporate executives, of course) hasn't had a raise in pay or has had their hours cut way back, paying almost twice as much for a basic necessity as a gallon of fuel oil or gasoline is truly painful. Corporate mileage standards haven't been raised in almost 20 years, and these guys think the thinly veiled promise of a hydrogen powered future will make everyone feel secure? DO SOMETHING NOW! Raise MPG requirements. Lower the speed limit. Give people tax credits for energy conservation NOW, not next year as scheduled. If the government can keep the prices of things like milk or wheat artificallly low, why can't they do it for fuel as well? But it's not all the governments fault. Our highways are choked with 18 wheelers moving goods and SUVs moving people at breakneck speed...that's NOT how it's done anywhere else in the world. When we stop being so glutonous in every aspect of our lives -- stop wasting fuel to ship crap like cigarettes, potato chips and plastic toy doodads -- stop acquiring so much that we need to maintain storage units -- stop raising the thermostat to 75 in the winter and lowering it to 60 in the summer -- stop mowing our lawns twice a week to golf course-like length -- stop needing the latest cut of jeans or latest petroleum-based sneaker -- maybe then we can start making some headway. This rant could go on and on......

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