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April 06, 2006


G Wadsworth

I know what you mean. We used to have an improv-rock band, Yama the Pit, here in Seattle in the late 80s -- never had songs, never played the same thing twice. We were obviously a little early for a rock audience (and the grunge clusterfuck retro'd everything back to the 60s though the musicians involved in it knew what we were about), but what was clear after a few years was that 1) there is a lot of fine playing and inventive improv that is comparable to the best you've ever heard on record/CD/MD that no one else will ever hear because it wasn't promoted to a mainstream audience like, say, King Crimson or Primus; 2) some dumbfuck in the audience will always shout out "Free Bird!" (whatever that is); and 3) the respect of fellow musicians, however widespread or heartfelt, will never get you another gig if you can't sell enough beer.

Brian Turner

A toast raised to Michael Evans. Two!

Modern Day Carpetbaggers

I think that there's a better word than "Improv" (which I think meant to improve upon.)
"Automatism" is what I'm thinking of. It can work way better than laboring over music. My two first cousins and I have a band and we don't have time to rehearse or re rehearse or take it too seriously. We get together and turn on the tape recorder, It’s an art form inspired. It is automatic.
A long time ago a very intelligent DJ at WFMU put us on the air , not once, nor twice nor thrice. but FOUR times! He liked our folksy zany improvisational noise fest. Those were wonderful times! I wish that we were given a radio show of our very own but it wasn’t meant to be.
"The angels can fly because they take themselves lightly" said Allan Watts. Maybe he was quoting someone. Anyway it was an absolute dream to share our kooky not serious side to the world. What’s more is this DJ he even played tapes of us prerecorded at certain times when we weren’t even there live!
We were even featured on an actual vynal recording in New York City! What an honor, too bad the band as a whole did'nt know what to do with such graces, luck favors the prepared and we were anything but!
We would write songs to a certain extent but it was all automatiam like Jackson Pollack's monkey throwing poopie at the wall after that.
Well, I got to get back to laboring over another surrealistic song that I hope is performed perfectly. I’m going to be 40 this year and I have grown into a songwriter's songwriter's songwriter that not many people have heard of .But for those of you who remember the Ol' William Berger show on Friday nights, we were and still are The Modern Day Carpetbaggers.
We still get together,in fact we'll be getting together to have a brew haw haw hootennany on May 5th - 7th right here in the year 06! @ a farm house upstate.... no time to rehearse , no time to write stuff down, no time to take it too seriously and no public outlet .For we are none too savvy without help of our friends...oh to be twenty 3 or 4 again! Live on the HIP BONE! It was a blast! Thanks Will yum! We love you!


Waiting At A Busstop,
Somewhere In The Upper Haight.
Circuits Override; meeting Different People
On Martin Luther King Day, when I Have To Work
While Government Peoples Play About The Sun
Inside The Bus, A Melting Pot; A Pot Pourri; A Hash.

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