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April 01, 2006



I'm pretty sure Julian Cope never wrote a book about Scott Walker. I'm a pretty gig fan of both of those guys and I think i would have heard about it.


I don't think Brian meant Cope had published a book ("primer") but a compilation - Fire Escape in the Sky (aka the Godlike Genius of Scott Walker). I'm sure he's written or commented about Scott extensively, as on his website in this review:

Climate of the Hunter


He changed it after my comment-
It originally said a biography by Julian Cope or something to that effect

Taro, in Tokyo

So....Where are the WFMU streams of Scott Walker over the years?

I hardly can remember Walker Brothers' tunes from the 60s and he ain't got any airtime or mention on WFMU (according to the "search" function).

Damn, now I am curious.

His new stuff on makes me wonder what the real stuff back in the 60s was like/


I want to know what George Bush is doing about the Epstein-Barr Virus



Listener Howard

That 4AD link seems to be mutating the new Scott release with old Pixies rehash... Hopefully the real page will go live soon...

And I cannot remember the last time I was looking forward to an album so much!

Peak Lupe

Scott Walker never curated All Tomorrow's Parties, he curated the Meltdown festival in 2000 at the South Bank in London.
The Drift is amazing, by the way, I haven't listened to anything else for three weeks.


Yippee! A new Scott album at last! I was one of the diehards who bought "Tilt" on the day of release and I'll be buying "The Drift" on the day too.

Lovelovelove this guy. A true original, "Tilt" still sounds wondrous and weird today. Interestingly, Tilt even charted getting into the British Top 40 albums for a short period which was both remarkable for such an album and proof that Scott is still highly revered here in Britain. Though Scott is American, he has lived in London for most of his life, so for me hes an honorary Brit.

On Bedazzled you can find a vintage clip of Scott performing "Jackie" - its a bit washed out but its thrilling stuff! What he was doing in the late 60s was extraordinary with all the Brel covers and Scotts own remarkable compositions. Its amusing he explains why Scott 3 killed his career in many ways and hes right - how many albums are there where everything is in 3/4 or 6/8? As 1970 came and went, he flushed it all down the pan by resorting to dodgy albums of covers or worse, Country music (Stretch and Did We Have It All are awful!) and then came the strange reunion with the Walker Brothers. It is on their last album on "The Electrician" that we suddenly saw the true Scott again giving a taster of what was ultimately to come in "Climate of Hunter" and "Tilt".

This new documentary promises to be fascinating... I'm very surprised that Scott agreed to it and for obsessives like me, it will be essential. I also notice that his old label are releasing a 5 CD boxset in June featuring everything the Walker Brothers ever did, so its obvious "The Drift" is eagerly anticipated. I know for certain it will be much more interesting than the fiasco that was Kate Bush' Aerial which was a huge let down.

Roll on May!

Station Manager Ken

Taro - Scott Walker has received lots of airplay on WFMU over the years. Click here for the search results.

Cookie - Brian was having typepad problems when this was posted and then he is inexplicably blocked from commenting (probably cause his IP number resembles the 500 or so spammers that I've had to block). But he asked me to post this:

Cookie, sorry, I was actually in the process of re-editng the whole damn article because it was posted prematurely while I was in draft mode. Then for some reason I couldn't post the comment, I had to just change the text without commenting. What can I say, people are fast when it comes to blog commenting I guess.


I don't think it's true to say that the Scott 1-4 albums were 'commercial flops'. The BBC interview implied this too, but my recollection is that with the exception of 'Scott 4', they all went to number 1 or thereabouts in the UK. I was always amazed to think that an album like 'Scott 2' could have got to number 1, but apparently it did!


To comemmorate Scotts return I have just done a little feature on him on my Blog, Sonic Pollutions at

Since I haven't seen it in circulation yet on the net, I have unearthed what is to date, Scotts' last live performance which was on British TV in June 1995 performing "Rosary" from "Tilt"! You know you wanna see it, so please pop along and download it! It should whet your appetite further for the new album!
All The Best,

Lennon Saviour of England

I think I should point out that the "Moviegoer" was actually an excellent and classy album. As were his versions of Sundown, The House Song and It's Over.


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Oh my god, I just got the album, and it is true, it is better than the already fantastic Tilt. What a genius!


Not that I want to be pedantic or anything (OK I do), but he curated London's Royal Festival Hall's Meltdown festival, not an ATP event. Other luminaries to have curated the event (which is basically them programming film, music and art dos) include Laurie Anderson, Nick Cave and Patti Smith. Walker also produced the final Pulp album, We Love Life.

Hmm, wonder if his Britvic TV ad is on YouTube…


I just want to add that indeed his first 3 solo albums (Scott, Scott 2 and Scott 3) were not flops in England, they all were top-5 albums. It's Scott 4 which inexplicably failed to sell and was the beginning of the end for him, with no support from record companies and his managers. He signed with CBS, home of Dylan and Leonard Cohen, hoping they would be interested in his singing his own songs, but they made him sing covers. He was always going on about integrity but he sure compromised a lot after "Scott 4", even allowing a manager to get co-songwriter credits.
It's good to see he is still around and being creative. But on the whole he comes across as rock's Montgomery Clift, he let his neuroses, personal problems, insecurities overcome his career.

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