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April 07, 2006



A'wunnerful, a'wunnerful!

Kenny in Baltimore

and to think i always left the room when that show came on. is that cut on the album shown at the beginning of the clip? is it my imagination or did i hear a jazz LP years ago recorded by the Lawrence Welk Band that was really good.


That clip is bull shit and you know it!
Fake as fake can be.

Waldo Jeffers

Totally fake. BTW MR.Bali Hai the cut you're looking for is called Sister Ray and it appears on the Velvet's White Light/White Heat.


duhhh of course its a joke.

Gerald Osbourne

A very crap joke. Even a 5 year old could do better than this.


Geez. We take our VU so seriously. Personally, I laughed my head off at this one.

Brian C

Oh c'mon, that was great! I really think it was the VU. That was definitely Mo bangin away on that one drum. Nice work on the Vox by Mr. Cale. Surely just a coincidence that it was posted on youtube on April Fool's Day Eve.


Audio mash-ups are bad we have to endure these confounded **video mash-ups** for the next few years?

The idea is kinda neat, but the execution on this one misses the mark completely. Like audio mash-ups, the novelty wears-off in about 3 seconds ("Oh, the Lawrence Welk Orchestra...and the Velvet Underground...ooh, funny! clip, please...")

Woulda been funnier seeing the Velvet Underground playing over Welk's "Baby Elephant Walk"

better link next time...Alexa


this is no recent "video mash up" kids,,,

funny enough to me...


Trype, trip, trap. It is more fun to find stuff like this on the "Blog" than most crap people spend hours attaching their ears and eyes to on the internet.
Lighten up and take it with a grain of salt instead of rubbing salt into the sore. It was rather funny.


this is no recent "video mash up" kids


Oh,'s not a video's an "experimental short" -
I liked it better when it was just a video mash-up and not a student film.


Tom W

Someone writing "this is fake" is almost as funny as the video itself. -Tom

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