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April 21, 2006



Wait... You're Nornna????

andrew jones

Yeah, when I actually got around to figuring how to move and talk to people in SL I had a kinda similar experience. I meet primarily what seemed like teenage girls obessed with creating their "perfect avatars" etc. The real fun doesn't come in till you stumble across a role playing domination and submission group reenacting some eleaborate black ritual from the french aristoracy while talking about their linux partition etc.


Ho boy. This nails it on the head. Yawn. Lots of boring poseurs, with equally boring fantasies - oh, and enough useless $#!+ to go broke on. Where's the fun in seeing endless stalls of bling to buy for your avatar? Whee.

I have a furry avatar there, but, I'm not one of -those- creepy ones you've heard about. I'm represented by a quiet, shy fae macropod there (one of only two I'm aware of). To be honest though, she's got little to do there other than wander, and boggle at the sheer idiocy she encounters for the most part. Whee, again.

I got on Second Life three months ago, at the insistence of a friend. I think I can conclude that it's just not all that interesting for the most part. Not to mention that it burns clock cycles like an H2 does dead dinos, and makes my video card beg, "No mas, no mas!" after an hour or so. It's just fancy window dressing for what I can do on a MUCK, or IRC, with less strain on the ol' laptop.

Great article, though. Thanks for sharing. :)

- Roofae Fluffy on SL (with slight variants thereof elsewhere. Your Mileage May Vary, blah, blah, blah)

Blake Salsman

Really boring fun.

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