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April 27, 2006


Colin Brown

God Bless Gene Scott. When I first arrived in the States from the UK in the early 1980s I listened to him all the time. I actually saw him in person once - and he was a little nuts.
But if it wasn't for the fire and force of this man - and his relentless preaching I wouldn't be in seminary where I am today - a 52 year man training up to be a Lutheran Pastor. May I end up as nuts as he came to be.


I love the way Scott would beg for money then show endless footage of him riding his horses around the corral at his ranch whilst displaying the 800 number!


I would like to know where I could send a check to Dr. Gene now..anyone know? LOL

Arthur Haglund

I know the4 Bible, believe in its teachings and precepts and catagorically deny Dr Gene scott's Christianity. He was a heretical, foul-mouthed desgrace that leached life from the Body of Christ!

Of course, one thing mentioned over and over agin IS true:
My people are DESTROYED for a lack of knowledge!
Those who refuse to delve into the Scriptures and, instead, choose to follow a man, any man, will find the path od destruction.
Gene was a leader of many to hell!
I curse him, and his FALSE christianity!!!


Hey Gretchen,
how about sharing those 2 gigs worth of Scott`s teachings in MP3 format on with us. A guy on there called baboonbob put up a few of Scott`s lectures, but thays it.

Somebody else on the net has a bunch in torrent files, and they are a pain in the ass to mess with, very frustrating.

Do what the Doc would wish for and spread the word.........Chad


Dr. Scott was complicated. The best way to describe him would be Doctor Scott was like C.S. Lewis if he had gone insane.

Like C.S. Lewis, Scott was a man of letters. Lewis held a chair at Oxford, Scott had a PhD in Education from Stanford. Scott was also a college professor briefly. He had two minor degrees in History and Geography. He was the only person ever to take an oral final exam in Geography from Stanford...and also received a perfect score. Like Lewis, Scott lost his faith and eventually returned to Christianity.

But there are of course numerous differences. While Lewis left an endearing legacy of such works such as "Mere Christianity" and "Surprised By Joy", Scott left the world with the FCC monkey band, and images of a cigar smoking, cussin' televangelist. In the sin department, Scott was pretty lean...probably because of how he lived in his personal life. The only real sin to Scott seemed to be not tithing.

At times Dr. Scott could be a brilliant theologian, but most of the time he was happy being a crackpot. He wore outrageous hats, grew a crazy beard and long unkempt hair. He did it to make himself stand out from other televangelists. It worked.

Scott's Theology was rather complicated. It was a combination of Immanuel Velikovsky, Armstrongism, beliefs about Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle borrowed from Edgar Cayce, Pre-Tribulation rapture fundamentalism, Creationism, G. Cambell Morgan, and oddly enough Reinhold Niebuhr.

Scott rejected KJV onlyism and accepted not only the Apocrypha as scripture, but also books such as Jasher, Jubilees, and 1st and 2nd Enoch.

Scott taught the Celts (not only the British, but the French, Spanish, etc., as well) were the lost tribes of Israel. There could have been some intermarriage between the two via the Scythians, but Scott seemed to believe every crackpot British Israelite theory out there. He believed Demons ruled various countries and were the real power behind the throne of many kingdoms. He thought understanding demonology was important for understanding end time events.

Toward the end of his life Scott one lamented that he had become the laughing stock of the Christian world, but he had no one to blame other than himself.

Gene predicted that after he died his teachings would be removed from the airwaves, and an that his recordings would be circulated underground. This prediction came true, and currently Scott's teachings that were removed by his wife are circulated on bit torrent.

Even when Scott was dead wrong about something, he was always entertaining.


If any one knows where I can get some media or writings by Dr. Scott on the pyramids please contact Yudy at:!

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