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April 27, 2006


Krys O.

Gawd, I love the Heston film, 'Omega Man'. Just got me thinking about the great Basement 5 song of the same title. We're ALL zombies now anyway.

Kim Scarborough

You didn't mention the coolest thing about I Walked with a Zombieit's based on Jane Eyre!

john mark

you also missed this:
or for those without subscriptions:


Golly, in my exhaustive attempt to include EVERY SINGLE BIT of zombie-related information from anywhere in the world or on the internet, however minor or off-topic, in this single article (Part I, by the way), I still managed to MISS something!

I must now go and eat my own flesh as punishment!


I'm so bored with zombies. Haven't any of you ever picked up an AD&D Monster Manual before? When will gelatinous cubes get their fair share of the limelight???


Zombies = boring.
D&D = cool and interesting.


Krys O.

Crikey, Wm., why didn't you let us know that this ebay auction for Joyce Carol Oates' "Zombie" was ending in 9 minutes?!

Krys O.

Damn, the auction ended with no bids and it was a signed copy! "What Joyce Carol Oates has done is not write about madness but with the voice and with the logic of madness itself." Joyce Carol Oats is a zombie? Mommy!


For some reason, every time I read an article in the WFMU blog, no matter how inane and pointless it is, I feel really intelligent.

What's your stance on newer zombie movies like 28 Days Later and the remake of Dawn of the Dead? I think they're great movies but for some reason don't have the same eery feel that older movies had. Something about the poor lighting and low-fi audio of older zombie films made them so eery.


I agree about those modern films—a decent visual experience while one's watching, but they both left me cold and unmoved; un-creeped to be sure.

But gee Kendall, "inane" and "pointless" - a little strong, don't you think? Just talkin' 'bout my favorite zombie films - having a good time writing about something I enjoy. Besides, there's much greater inanity and pointlessness everywhere you look on the internet, EVEN RIGHT HERE ON THIS BLOG! Why pick on me...

Forest Tresidder

hello? is u there :p


There's a good book that came out last year called The Book of the Dead by Jaimie Russell. It's divided into various sections, like "Caribbean Terrors" and "Splatter Horror," as opposed to being an encyclopedia, but it tries to mention every zombie picture ever made.

regime proteine

It can be argued whether or not the creatures in this film are zombies, but 28 Days Later is definitely everything a zombie movie should be. Apocalyptic, tense, scary, full of action, it had it all. While Raimi-style zombie films with tongue-in-cheek humor can be great, and Fulci-esque gore-fests have their place, a truly scary zombie film is a rare pleasure to see.

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