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May 16, 2006



Thanks for the plug, hope you enjoyed the show..



That was "Homo Rainbow" by Ween at the beginning of the Kracker bit.

The RNYI mp3 is 404.

The Professor

Thanks. Link is fixed.

Dale Hazelton

Prof, one of the ham nets that's actually interesting (to a degree) to listen to is the Central New England Net...everyday from 6 to 8 am at 3955 upper side band. Alot of members, both women and men, and they take turns checking in so everyone has a chance to speak...usually weather related or about what's for supper or what kind of Dr's appointment they have that day. Between 3900 and 4000 upperside band is usually where the action is mornings and evenings. 20 meters is where it's at during the day, especially weekends. Wintertime is the best because of the propagation, people are DXing like crazy, calling out "CQ" to make as many contacts as they can. It can be a major bore, or really exciting depending on what you're in to. You can also bust out the Radio Shack scanner and hear hams on 2 meter repeaters between 144 and 148mhz, usually drivetime and evenings.

I started listening in the mid 90's, and there was a fair amount of pirate activity, my clearest catch was a Boston pirate, could have been related to that offshore boat BCQ had for all I know. It sounded like it was being broadcast right next door to me in Brooklyn. Of course the FCC has made it pretty expensive to get caught broadcasting without a license:


Nice to see Kracker Radio getting some recognition. I personally enjoy the show when I am able to listen. You can't help but to chuckle at some of the stuff.

Again, ty for giving Kracker some space here.



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