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May 02, 2006



The Professor;

I want to register my vast appreciation for your posts (and the ocasional one from others here) about AAR. I would love to see at least something of an echo chamber for left-of-center to counterbalance the immense rightwing machine that gets to people often below the radar.

Also thanks for hipping me to Maron's new show, which I've had great success finding. His show is ok now, and I hope it'll get better, but it really was something amazing. Reilly really did help make that show more than I thought he did.

So this comment is a plea to keep us informed about the happenings in AAR, Project First, and similar stuff.

And Jerry Springer's show really sucks. Hard to believe they got rid of Maron (basically on the same day Howard Stern left the NYC airwaves, no less--true idiocy on AAR's part), and have kept Springer.



Great commentary, Professor - thanks!


Yeah thank god there were leftwingers all over the MSM raising facts and issues and that stuff ... otherwise we'd be in Iraq pouring billions of dollars into the sand and getting thousands of soldiers killed and wounded.

Webster Hubble Telescope

I always listened to Morning Sedition in a groggy early morning haze, and it really got trippy at times. Maron's new show shrank by an hour and so it seems a bit rushed, but the bits and content are still top notch. He has to stretch out for one more hour.


AAR is needed. Yes, Springer sucks and their finances have been uber shady, but they are filling a niche. Right-wing talk radio is not so much popular as it is ubiquitous. When you have a series of AM signals that cover the midwest and heartland of the country, people listen because 1. everyone loves to hear people fight and 2. there is nothing else to listen to besides uncle jimmy the evangelist... and maybe the 20 tejano/cumbia stations.

We don't know anything about the financing and startup of the RW blowhard broadcasts. Those who somewhat share the views of AAR commentators need to be patient. Two years is not a long time.

Marc Maron is brilliant. I love Randi Rhodes. I stopped listening to Franken when KL left - But he's going to be a great Senator from Minnesota.


Any venture that requires liberals to watch television or listen to the radio is doomed to fail. I say this as a card-carrying liberal myself. Terrestrial radio sucks ass and it has for a long time. Almost everyone who listens to radio is either, 1) a housewife, 2) working in an office, or, 3) doing some type of over-the-road job. None of these groups are what you'd call "liberal".

AAR, or whatever the hell tries to fill the liberal void, would be better served to stick with Internet and subscription services (is AAR still on XM?). Liberal listeners are more likely to find them through those outlets, plus they would be more cost-efficient. You'll never get celebrities to host these low-profile shows, but they mostly suck anyway. Schultz, Hartmann, Rhodes and Malloy are the best hosts.


as one who was glued to Air America from minute one (operative word: "was"), I've been consistently listening to it less & less. And that really sucks. I was so tuned in, in that first year, when it really did seem that maybe, just maybe, there were enough of us to bring regime-change in 2004. When reality set in, on election night, my despair was a truly shared experience, with Rhodes, Garafalo, Franken, et al. Morning Sedition was the tonic for what ailed me. Franken was focused (which of course, he lost when Kathryn Lampher was forced to leave, as she was writing a book - which was ironic, as the show that she kept on track, starred one who has been able to write his books, AND do his radio gig. What was THAT all about?), and Randi was Randi, with her righteous anger, intelligently presented (more often than not). As 2004 became 2005, change was underway, and what, to me, was a good, positive experience began to erode. They fucked with Morning Sedition, put the Ringmaster on, syndicated out of Cinncinnati no less, and let Franken move to Minnesota, where he broadcasts from, (without anyone to tell him when his jokes bomb, or remind him that he what he just said was the opposite of what he meant) presumably to get his Senatorial campaign started. Man, he's hopeless as a broadcaster. Mealy mouthed, forgetting names of who he's talking to, and no one to get him to stop with the same old boring routines...
...of course, he's more human than most professional politicians. If he were to be elected, that's one less right wing automaton in the Senate.

Nothing on the station works for me, anymore, at least until Randi Rhodes comes on, and then The Majority Report, which still kicks ass when both hosts are on. And "the Satellite Sisters"? Give me a break. But I shouldn't be so surprised. I figure that they will become more homogenized, more corporate sounding, less edgy. Don't want to alienate the middle.

I DO want Air America to survive, at least until one, or both houses change, and there IS some sense of balance.

...but I digress.


This report is biased and sensationaistic. The liberal talk station in LA is not an Air America station, but it does carry a huge chunk of the network's programming (notably absent is Springer) and has been successful. Why not the NYC station under new management? Also, I'm sorry, morning Sedition was NOT a great show; Maron is funny, but the show had too much show-bizzy comedian yapping. Rachel Maddow is funnier and more incisive and does just fine on her own.

Ed Abrams

How depressing - I'm liberal and listen to the radio and I love Air America - even the weak parts - even without Maron who was GREAT - this definately SUCKS. I dont want to hear some lefty Lambaugh blowhard ahole. We need some deep pockets like Murdoch.

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