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May 12, 2006



There are a bunch of cool St. Maarten & Kai Tak pictures at
The chart for the approach to Kai Tak is also in the 'preview' section.


The best song about harrowing airplane experiences has to be "Flaming Wreck" by The Pernice Brothers off of The World Won't End. A good soundtrack to this post

Bobby Bunny

I flew into Kai Tak a few times and it never got borint to say the least. Yes, the plane makes probaby a 60degree bank on landing and the wing tip is barely a hundred feet over the rooftops. Its a lot like landing a 747 on 42nd St while crusing down broadway at 250+ miles per hour. I also landed at the military airport at Hualien, Taiwan where the plane not only does a similar last minute turn, but the runway is a LOT shorter and and ends with ocean a few yards away, and just for good measure the entire airport is studded with anti aircraft guns and machine gun nests.

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