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May 22, 2006


Henry Lowengard

Is there a Wild Girl voice over included?

Charles Wipman

Hi, i hope that this car likes to the WFMU crew, not only to Laura Cantrell (that i don't know if she likes it) i hope that it also likes to the possible players of the NASCAR Racing 2003 by Papyrus, published by Sierra; some of this days i'll post a link with the download adress of it.
If there's some one of those who don't likes it "because it's a car drove by a girl and they don't know how to drive and they'r "spacial sense" sucks"... then remember Uttah Klainsmith or however the hell her name be spelled and how she won a Paris-Dakar season and then think again.
I also made another painjob for a Plymouth Cuda Superbird V8 426ci 70' for a mod of that game, called: Grand National Series 1970 a.k.a. GNS 70'; it's also of the WFMU but time, dedicated to that great man that makes my sunday's afthernoons be closer to as a "day of the lord" should be (but wizout a chick 4 me) and this time "it's driven" (i used, as driver name) by Bill Kelly, sure that he seen some of those races when they happened. Well... and enought typpin'... 2 screenshots and the download adress fro all the NASCAR and WFMU fans.

Cuda Front:

Cuda Rear:

Cuda Download:

I hope that you like 'em. Many thanx to all the WFMU crew once again, from the people that cleans the place to those that make those great shows that makes us all love 'em and they'r station (our station.) the amazin' . Let's C ya

Charles Wipman

Hi, i'd to remake the WFMU car that i did before as personal tribute to the best radio station in the world (the due to a windows crash that made me format my hard drives and reinstall everything that i had, and as im silly... i forget to backup the previous car, so now it haves a different shape, i think that now looks better; but that's just my opinion...

#91 Laura Cantrell's car:

I'll upload it soon to a public site where it'll be available by a week (7 days to get it) i know that there're no women racing in the NASCAR, but in the year 2006 in the 21St century... it's beeing time to reform many things and the sports world it's one of 'em.
Anyway... i hope that you all like this NASCAR car made for the Papyrus NASCAR Racing Season 2003 PC simulator. Let's C ya

Nascar nut

Do you think you could come up with a Nascar diecast collectible too for it?

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