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May 25, 2006


the eating club

i highly recommend playing them all at the same time.


B (who actually does go by B) was also in Scholastic Deth, a west coast hardcore band, who had a lot of songs about being academics (ie. "Bookstore Core"). The band ended when B moved to Chicago to go to grad school as a doctoral candidate in philosophy. Check out their anthology cd designed in Cliff Notes fashion...

Crank Satori

B is currently the drummer in a band from Chicago called Sseepage... no records yet, though I hear they're working on one...They're playing on WHPK (University of Chicago radio) Friday May 26. I'm not sure if it's webcast or not, but if you're in Chicago it's 88.5 FM, from 9-10:30pm...


WHPK, sadly, does not webcast yet due to financial navigations, quibbling with administrative forces, computing services folks, and various "falling throughs" with a handful of potential webcasting services...

ben clack

Steve was the guitarist from Assuck. They came around in the early 90s with a demo style tape as a joke that spread around the southeast and got funny reviews in HeartAttack and the like. Check out the cats from No Idea, as they used to distribute the stuff and you can grab some more info.


thanks for posting it. i only had the demos, now i have their discography and that rocks!


I own xThe Demosx on vinyl. The etching on side A says Demo 96' and the etching on side B says Demo 97'.

x GARY x

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