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May 09, 2006



linda laurie = wow. classic . thank you all so much.


So Linda Laurie's kind of the R Kelly of her day? Parts 1 through 4 demand to be heard! Surely someone out there has the complete set!


According to Mr. Music, there aren't parts 1-4:

Station Manager Ken

Im afraid Mr. Music is mistaken, sort of. There may not have been other records specifically called "Ambrose Part One," but there were other "Ambrose" singles that pre-dated "Part 5."

I own one of these - it's called "Forever Ambrose," and it's really stupid. Same basic idea, only they're not walking through a subway tunnel, and Ambrose talks a lot more, and then he starts singing. It's not worth posting here, believe me. I've seen other Ambrose singles on eBay from time to time also.



Actually, Ken, you're wrong. "Forever Ambrose" came out AFTER "Ambrose (Part Five)". There are NO parts 1 through 4 of "Ambrose"

mike fisher

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've been searching for "Ambrose (part 5)" for many, many years. I used to listen to it on a station out of Tampa, Florida in 1958. All I could remember was 'Ambrose' and 'just keep walking' and not too many of the details of the song.
So once again, thanks for refreshing a old dudes memory.
Keep up the good work.


Actually in those days she was known as Little Linda Laurie!

(Asin Little Richard! LOL!)

Michael Young

Linda Laurie appeared Australia in 1959 or 1960 (I can't remember the precise date). She toured with Lloyd Price, Conway Twitty, The Kalin Twins, and a host of Australian Rock'n'Roll stars on the same bill - and that was the problem! Linda wasn't a rock'n'roller and the audience didn't enjoy her monologue style. In some cities she was booed off the stage. I have a photo of the concert poster if you would like to see it.



John Congemi

If you still haven't found Ambrose, it is on the CD Bring Back Those Doowops- 30 Original Oldies.

Regards, John

Diane Stevenett

Linda is a personal friend. What do you need?? Diane

Brett  Berns

Diane - My father was the late songwriter / producer Bert Russell Berns. He wrote and produced two songs with Linda Laurie on his Keetch label in 1964 called "Jose He Say" and "Chico." Would it be possible for you to put me in contact with Linda? Thanks! -Brett


I love 50's / 60's vocal groups , how i can contact with GUY VILLARI to listen their stuff?


diane- perhaps i'm too late, but i really want to know more about linda laurie. i love how she sings in "stay at home sue" and I wanted to find out if she did any similar songs? what was her inspiration for the song (besides runaround sue)?


on that same Mr Music web page, Linda Laurie says that's NOT her posing on the piano. sorry to burst anyone's bubble.

here's the real Linda Laurie on "To Tell the Truth":


I just want to say that Linda Laurie was very talented in all she did. She did record more sides than just Ambrose. What we really should remember her by were the great two huge hits she wrote for Helen Reddy. Leave Me Alone Ruby Red Dress and Delta Dawn.
If you guys like Linda and other rare music of the 50's and 60's you should check out our little slice of RnR heaven, where we play the "Best Oldies you've NEVER heard" and some you have but not in a very long time! IN fact, my December show should include one of her songs. I'm trying to decide between All Winter Long and Prince Charming.

Andreas G

Don't forget to flip the "Ambrose Part V" single over! The B-side, "Ooh, What A Lover" is a real gem too!


Wow - I use that line "Just Keep Walkin" on myself all the time, and even a few of my friends. It's actually very philosophical (NOT!). :) On a whim tonight I decided to see if I could find anything out about one of my Mom's old 45s. Never thinking I'd ever be able to hear this again! Wow. So glad you posted. I'm sending my Mom and sister the link to your site!

Arnold Kirkbride

Hi, I am also addicted to Linda Laurie, and her music. She was very innovative, and way ahead of her time.
I have several of her records, including "Ambrose Returns", which is hard to find. It's kind of noisy, but it's pretty good, and is on the order of Ambrose 5. She only made the 3 Ambrose records, as far as I know.
I have the music to, or the records for: Stay At Home Sue-All Winter Long-Where Do You Go-Ambrose Pt 5-Ambrose Returns-Forever Ambrose(your right, it's terrible)-Ooh What A Lover(flip of Amborse 5-Stay With Me(flip of All Winter Long)-Jose He Say,B/w Chico(also neither one is good)-Whereever He Goes,I Go-Soupin' Up Your Motor, & Prince Charming.
There are probably more, because she was a very talented young lady.
If anyone is interested, contact me thru Facebook under under the Screen name Demo100adk. Thanks. Arnold

Eric Gertz

My aunt, Linda Laurie passed away yesterday at the cottage hospital in Santa Barbara after a long battle with cancer. She was an amazing woman.....

Ort. Carlton.

Thank you for posting this, even if it is tragic. I've always considered "Ambrose (Part Five)" to be the work of an extraordinarily talented woman (lovely, too). Pass along my symphathies and fond wishes to your family as you gather without her this Holiday season.
By the way, I own six more of her singles!
Sharing Your Grief, Ort. Carlton in Athens, Georgia.

Fred Clemens

In a binge of research about Linda Laurie yesterday, I posted what was her FIRST record release (from July, 1958) on YouTube yesterday. As it turns out, Linda first recorded with her friend, Susan Yellin, as the Knott Sisters (sometimes noted as the Not Sisters), "Undevided Attention". This song was written by both girls, Linda under her real last name "Gertz". This was about 5 months before Ambrose got into the picture. The main side, as by the Shades featuring the Knott Sisters, was called "Sun Glasses" written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman. Both sides were produced by Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller, though that tidbit is not on the label. The sheet music for "Sun Glasses" features the two girls (in sun glasses of course), Linda on the left and Susan on the right, accompanied by two guys in shades. I haven't proven it beyond doubt just yet, but I believe Linda herself provides the vocals for the Shades, or at least the speaking Shade guy, the predecessor to Ambrose. If so, you can label the record as "Ambrose, Part 1-4". Here's a link to the "Sun Glasses" side video I made, complete with pictures: (copy and paste)
And here's the other side with just Linda and Susan: (copy and paste)
I was in contact with Peter Stoller last night, and he says with certainty that the two Shades on the sheet music are not Jerry or Mike, nor are they Doc or Mort, though any of them may have assisted with the singing chores.
Fred Clemens

Barbara Cadario

Hello Eric.....I am a friend of Linda's and I want to say that I am so sorry for your loss. Linda was a wonderful talented woman with a huge heart.

Charlo Fortier

I loved Linda, and loved working with her in the studio and onstage. I really miss her. Want to get in touch with her family. Please contact me on Facebook. Thanks, Charlo Crossley Fortier

Linda Laurie did not write "Delta Dawn." Larry Collins (of the Collins Kids) and Alex Harvey wrote that song.

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