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May 04, 2006



Hey, these PK14 guys are pretty durn good! I'm downloading these stat. Thanks Wm!

Chris Jaeger


Umm, this isn't really about China or future buttsex porn in China.

How could I be a stranger to such a nice guy? I will call or write when I get a contact from you.

I turned into a computer freak years ago. One would think I wouldn't want to touch one, but after talking and talking all day (as a History Teacher of Middle School freaks hitting the "hormones") writing is fun.

This comment still has nothing to do with China.

I rented out the NYC apartment to a desperado and moved four years ago to South Florida. I sort of envisoned a fashionable, fun, neat and tidy gay renovation of my house.

Instead, it is one of the dirtiest, nastiest, hardest things I have ever done in my life.

Maybe I could relate my renovations to Chinese laborers covered in dust, recreating Shanghai, the worlds biggest, glamest, funfest futureshow at night....China has moonsoons, I have to live through hurricanes.

Endured four hurricanes, am still alive and wriggling. The first one freaked me and I and bought a case of Corona XXX retreating into the attic for 72 hours. Got back to the "Club" soon after.

I should have chosen Tsingso instead.

You know, I am from New York, but things got strange, expensive and what I would call not so quality lifestyle after 9/11. I left and became a "refugee".

But I am not like refugees in China who, as a result of the "government's" mega ego, relocate millions for elite goals. I chose my refugee staus.

Oddly, pre 9/11 I rested and recouped far and wide; Egypt/Israel, Palestine to Saudi Arabia's far shore on the Gulf, a charming snoozer city called Dhahran. Jidda and Riyadh were fun cities. Hiked into the desert, crossed it via bus straight to the Arab Gulf from the Red Sea.

There was no porn or sex or Chinese guys in the Kingdom, so I had to come home.

Then to South Florida. Little was I to know that this place is the breeding land for the very unusual and highly excentric. No chinese take out here either.

Climate? Hell. Heat can arrive at 15:00 pm, crematoria hot. Even with the winds. I live in a house by the intercoastal. I stay here as the most perfect, cottony, fluffy perfect, huge clouds wash over from the sea over our little seaside city.

Better than Shanghai, but terrible food.

I read one of your fabulous books, "Verdi with a Vengence" and a few blogs on WFMU's blog site. The Book, charming and well written, a real page turner. Blogs, well, I think they are some of New York's best products.

We are due to have a few more cutting edge books on China's culture wars Will.

I have turned to writing as a hobby besides the garden. I live for books and writting it seems, by internal guidance or my natural Taoist turn of mind.

How are you today?

Chris Jaeger
Riviera Beach, Florida 33407-4447


Chris, I enjoyed your comment, and I am in fact a nice guy, just not this nice guy: http://www.randomhouse.com/author/results.pperl?authorid=2073

"William Berger" is a pretty common name; part of the reason I use the "Wm. M. Berger" when I can. I did a weekly show on WFMU from 1986-1999, played in a band called Uncle Wiggly from 1988-1998, have been writing for this blog for almost a year, and have also done lots of other stuff...I just never wrote any books about classical music.

I am also not the "Austrian-born leading man" William Berger (though sometimes I wish I were): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Berger

You are not the first to make this easy mistake. I'm sure the other William Berger is a pretty good guy, too, but at the same time I don't want him getting credit for the meager bits of decent writing I'm able to squeeze out in these posts.

I hope we can still be pals.


Some names for those songs:
The first one is 她丢失了信仰 (ta diu shi le xin yang), "She lost her faith".
Second is 第二十八个影子 (di er shi ba ge ying zi), "28th shadow(?)".
Third is 这辆红色的列车 (zhe liang hong se de lie che), "This red train".
Fourth is 燥眠夜 (zao mian ye) sorry, not sure about the translation of this one!

Great to see these songs here! Thanks!




WOW! Last year or something I saw "The Hole" in Tv! And Grace Chang songs i liked very much! But her songs're difficult to download but now...jujuju! Tanks a lot! I download her songs ^o^
I don't speak english very good because i'm from catalonia, Spain n-nU

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