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May 08, 2006



The homoerotic fight scene is the funniest thing I've seen in years. The tears are streaming down my face and choking and gasping for air. Any idea what film it's from?


My own brother answered my question. Within 2 minutes of my emailing him the link, he shot this back:

It's called "Undefeatable" and it stars Cynthia Rothrock

It was made in hong kong

Get your very own copy here:


From the IMDB comments:

This movie is in a class all its own and it finished dead last in its class. What can I say besides this movie is so bad it rocks harder than twenty exploding suns!! Don Niam's (stingray) glorious frizzy mullet, horridly hilarious lines, and chiseled shiny pecs make this movie a hit. The Martal Arts is slow and retarded, EVERY character is so stupid it transcends anything known to movie history. The plot line is so ridiculous you might think that this is a porno script BUT ITS NOT! these people are serious and that is what makes it so wonderfully bad that it's great!If you're looking for a serious martial arts movie don't get this, you have to understand that this movie is like plan 9 from outer space. A movie so bad that it has gone down into movie history. THIS IS THE PLAN 9 OF MARTIAL ARTS MOVIES!! Seriously you will laugh so hard you'll vomit!


United Fruit Company's got its place in radio history too: RCA was founded in 1919 as a collection of patents, those owned by GE, Westinghouse, AT&T and United Fruit.

Krys O.

The laserdisc distributor I worked for in the 90's sold that Cynthia Rothrock film. She's a HUGE star of chopsocky films.

Sensei Rebel

So Stanley Kubrick made even worse photographs than he did movies.


Hey Ken - do you have an mp3 of "Neil Young - Have You Forgotten?" yet? It seems like the type of tune that's up yr alley. I got mine on Stereogum today.

The Contrarian

Ken, if you're looking for a shockwave-based musical annoyance, one must seriously consider badgers.

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