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May 14, 2006



the jesus eagle photo is from flickr user kittenbazooka

Steve PMX

those Anthony Kurtz images are dope


Wow, that Italian guy is madder than a rattlesnake at a Thai wedding.

Clayton Counts

Jesus Christ. That Bruce Thiessen song is about the worst thing I've ever heard. I couldn't even finish it. Did I miss anything important?


No credits and no links make both baby Jesus AND baby eagles cry.


The worst you've ever heard? Seems like one poor-taste-stricken blog visitor's "worst" is another blog critics #8 best song of 2006. I'll listen to rock critic Al Barger and keep writing. Here's my latest:

I was initially overcome with worry and anxiety when the economy began to crumble. Then I decided to channel my anxiety in potentially constructive ways.

I subsequently wrote this song, a song I'm hoping raises awareness of the plight of those most directly afflicted by economic crisis:

Billy Wants a job for Christmas
Dr BLT featuring Brian Benson

For more information visit:


Don't you recognize that it's high time to get the loans, which would make your dreams come true.

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