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May 21, 2006



Damn it, that song is going to go round my head for days. Have to say though, the disco kids in the audience seem as confused and bemused by the Ding Ding Dongs as I am. Maybe it has something to do with wearing pink and green sequined jump suits...?


One time I ding-a-donged like, 20 times in a week, and I got this blister. So it's not all good, fair hippies.


Not only did the finnish monsters win, but they won with the largest amount of points anyone has EVER won that contest with!

The viewers saw the other perfomer, the scantily-clad women ,the girly-men and the monsters.. can we say the people have spoken?


Its all a pack of lies! Germany has won the Contest!

Eurovision: The German Horrorkabinett wins Song-Contest!
They cant govern and they cant sing neither: Still the German Horror-Kabinett won!
Get all the Infos and Pics at!
Eurovision: German Horror-Kabinett wins!

Dan Jolt

If you haven't watched it, you need to listen to the whole thing.
Really. And you can, thanks to the wonder of the web.

It's on BBC Radio 2 on demand for the rest of the week (until sat 27th).

Also still available is a 50 year anniversary show (which will leave even sooner)


I rather like the Dutch version here:

Tick-A-Tack op zu Bim-Bam-Bom!!


If there is a real 'hommage' - THIS ist it.

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