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May 18, 2006



As a fellow 24 fanatic and hot dog boiler, I say "bravo" on this post. Also, here's a link to Mary Lynn Rajskub's absolutely hilarious short "The Girls Guitar Club" featuring Dave Allen (a.k.a. hippy teacher Jeff Rosso on Freaks And Geeks) and Mark Everett from the Eels.

Brian Turner

Have had a huge crush on Mary Lynn since the Mr. Show/Larry Sanders days, apparently her Girls Guitar Club opened a Yo La Tengo Maxwells Hannukah show which I'm sorry I missed.


yeah, this is really funny!!!


DAMMIT! We need those hot dogs NOW!
I agree with every word of your post - '24' is my no. 1 guilty pleasure, I've been known to leave friends & loved ones frowling on the curb a la Mary Lynn, in my rush to get the Monday night fix.


My wife and I became "24" addicts only this year. I decided to check out this season's premier episode (I think it was a Sunday night), got immediately hooked, and then got my wife latched on beginning with the 2nd episode of this season.

It's basic comic book fare, but with high production values, and surprsingly likeable characters. I also appreciate that much of the dialogue is softly-spoken, the characters aren't screaming at each other -- half the time I have to crank the volume to hear what Jack is muttering.

I could do without the romantic angles. They seem forced and unnecessary. I also like that primary characters are subject to being killed. Edgar bit the big one this season, and it would have been more effective if Audrey's dad (Sect. of Defense William Devane) had been killed when he drove his car off the cliff. I have a feeling one of the other star characters will take a bullet in the final episode.

We were out West a few months ago, staying in a house without a TV. So come Monday night (8pm CMT time), we were determined to find a bar to watch '24'. I found a sports bar with a bunch of TV's all blaring basketball and hockey games. I timidly asked the bartender if we could watch a particular show at 8pm. He grunted "what show?". "Uh, '24' on Fox?...". "No!," he shouted, banging a beer mug on the bar, "because I'm Tivo-ing '24' and I don't want you two sitting here and telling me what's happening!". He then broke into a smile, and ushered us into an empty back room where we were able to watch '24' on two monitors.

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