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May 15, 2006



Remember - god hates shrimp too:


That video is some kind of satire against WBC, right? I mean, it looks like South Park!


Thanks for the media. I love cutting up this loon and remixing him into all kinds of, well, lurid situations.


Feces loving Supreme Court?



pita bread


Steve PMX

I'm getting child molestery incest cult vibes from them. Wikipedia gives a list of popular picket sign slogans they use... 'Brides of Satan' is my favorite:
* Fag Santa (carried at Christmas time) * Thank God for 9-11 * Thank God for the Tsunami * Thank God for Katrina[18] * God Hates You * Menninger Therapy (complete with two stick figures mounting) * Thank God for AIDS * Fag Flag (with an American flag) * Repent or Perish * Dyke Nuns and Fag Priests (carried outside Catholic churches) * Dyke Sows Wed Here (complete with pictures of pigs in wedding dresses covered with feces; carried at lesbian weddings) * Brides of Satan (referring to lesbian weddings) * Fags Doom Nations (Image) * Fags Are Worthy of Death (Image) * Fags Eat Feces = Scat * Thank God for Dead Soldiers * Don't Worship the Dead * Thank God for IEDs [improvised explosive devices] * Fag Troops


I'm sure God will forgive me for this: I find this video far funnier than that Jim Jam cartoon that people were so excited about during the last election.

Stone and Parker couldn't have done it any better.

I'm all for the gays though - don't get me wrong.


You forgot to mention that Phelps is a registered Democrat and a Clinton supporter.


as soon as I saw that church name I went "oh god." These are the people that show up to soldiers' funerals with those "God hates fags" signs and yell at the mourners that they deserved it for supporting a country that tolerates homosexuality. I really hope they die horrible gruesome deaths.


We now have a new and very useful word added to the English language. Phelps (n.) to be an extreme ---hole, to the extent to which those commenting about said person were, prior to the invention of this term, reduced to enraged, speechless sputtering, [ex. "That girl who left her newborn baby in a dumpster is a real phelps."] Also, to phelps (v.), [ex. "Please shut up about your sexual attraction to Hitler, since we don't allow people to phelps here."]; phelpsed (v.) ["He really phelpsed when he beat that dog."]; phelpsing (v. & adj.) [ex. "Man, those idiots were really phelpsing at that KKK march!", "I'm so glad those phelpsing child abusers were put in jail!"]; phelpsingly (adv.) similar to, or in the manner of, a phelps [ex. "She phelpsingly explained her Holocaust denial theory."]. Also sometimes used as an expletive (coll.) [ex. "Go phelps yourself!"]

American patriot.

I just watched that little video,what a load of garbage.There is no possible way i could find it funny. it just shows how far some people will go to spread hate.To be honest,i found it sickening,twisted and hate mongering. I DIRECTLY challange Mr Phelps to show up in my town and protest,we will be waiting for him with bags of stinking,rotten food waste.Guess what Mr Phelps,after your bombed with trash,nobody will see a thing.Plus the only ones that you can blame will all be under 13.I Live in Globe,AZ and i do sincerally hope to see you there.fair warning for your own safety,there are those there that will be all to happy to send you on your way to your reward.


Finally thnk go i get to post something. there has been a misunderstanding about the church they donk read the holy bible they read the hell book this is no joke they dont speack of god our god they speak of the devil. stop what ur doing and lissen to the message... is a message from hell her self

I am not someone who normally posts blogs or voices my opinion. I am not someone who normally gets upset over the controversies enough to voice my opinion along with all the other voices, but this is different.

I am a Christian, though I will not say that I belong to one particular denomination which would be aligning myself with one group against another and possibly turning off some people to what I have to say here. I believe and trust in Jesus Christ as my Savior and believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God. This story about the Westboro Baptist Church deeply disturbs me as a follower of Jesus because it so horribly misrepresents Him and his heart about this issue that it turns off everyone who hears about it to have anything to do with Christians. These people claiming that God hates fags and that America is being judged for its tolerance of homosexuality is completely, outrageously, the opposite of the way Jesus would approach the issue. If you haven't before, go read a little bit of one of the Gospels which tell about Jesus' life and actions while he was on Earth. He loves us all more deeply than everyone could ever know, including the people of Westboro Baptist Church, and including homosexuals and gays/lesbians. However, I want you to understand that I don't believe homosexuality is alright, it is another sin that is unique to some people and not others. To set apart homosexuals from, say, liars, is to identify one group of people who struggle with this area of sin and judge them and condemn them in a way that will never accomplish anything for the Kingdom of God except to turn everyone away from it. It is true that God is deeply saddened by the way that we live as humans in rebellion to Him, but it is just as much a sin to murder someone or commit adultery, which is why we all need His grace so desperately. In regards to this issue, my main point in writing this was to keep anyone from being completely turned off to Jesus because of this horrible representation of Him. To those who are not believers, I ask your forgiveness on behalf of Christians worldwide who have fallen so far short from the way that Jesus would have us live. Please forgive us for everything that has been done in the name of Jesus that really is not what He would have done, things like the Holocaust (the Germans claiming to be Christians), the Crusades, bombing abortion clinics in Jesus' name, people from the Westboro Baptist Church. I hope I changed your mind about this, even if just a little. Thanks for taking the time to read. God bless.

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