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May 16, 2006



Thanks a million for putting this on the blog!

Never even envisioned this was actually on a real vinyl...

Mayo Velvo

Almost 30 years I've been searching for "British Tourist"! Couldn't believe neither eyes nor ears when I tracked down your blog and finding it! Thanx! Thanx! Thanx!
M. Velvo

Luc Houtkamp

Hi all,

Good news for all John Dowie fans! On the new POW Ensemble cd: Birdsong from inside the egg, John Dowie appears as a guest, doing a remake of his "British Tourist". The new version can be heard (but not downloaded) from:

If someone want to have the recording, it can be ordered in the USA from: North Country distributions:

For the Netherlands, you can find ordering info here:

Luc Houtkamp, POW Ensemble


Ever since the Factory Sampler, which I have somewhere in storage, I've loved John Dowie's hilarious songs. Thank you so much for these! Now if I could only find MP3s of "Acne," "Idiot," and "Hitler's Liver."


Sweet we lost these files when our computer crashed i did not think we would be able to retrieve them from anywhere this easy

Arthur Dowie

Heh, John Dowie is my dad and I didn't even here half these songs until just now. I've got a whole stack of vinyls in my room, must do something with them someday.


Eventually - I found a source for a good copy of Mr John Dowie's 'British Tourist' which I had digitalized from an old rotten cassette lying around in a car I bought in the early eighties.
Thanks a lot for putting this on. (jumpingforjoy)


patrick dowie

Dowie, Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada. Have heard of the London Dowie branch. We came from Ireland as veterans 1904. Have been to London. Love Johns Hate the Dutch Song. Is there a story behind the song


Thanks a lot, hundred thanks and thousand thanks for putting this on the web. I've been searching from 1977 for this record! (I get one that burn in my house)soooooooooooooo, in other word: THANKS


Thank you for putting these on the web! We had this ep but my evil husband took it with him (ironically to Holland) when we split up.

So good to hear Time Warp and Jim Callaghan again and remember happier less pc times.


Many many thanks for British tourist, I first heard it on 7" vinyl in 1978 when I first came to Holland and this is the first time I've heard it since then, how I remembered most of the words after 31 years I will never know, needless to say it will be getting burnt onto several cd's and handed out.


Thanks for this. Been looking for it since I mangled my (was it really 1978?) cassette a couple of years ago.


Bless you, Ken. This has been driving me crazy for 30 years.

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