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May 28, 2006


Rusty Trombone

That pic has been my desktop since it was posted in the "guitar face" list... That kid's got some meaty hands!

Ed Word

'Family Affair'?


"I went down to the foyer, my daddy's pants fell down to his knee..."


Mid chorus of 'Sweet Home Alabama' is my vote.

I think the wine cooler (least looks that way to me) on the table says it all.

Dr. Keloid


Rack and Pinion

I Gave My Love A Cherry?


"Mama's drunk on wine coolers,
Gramma's boogieyin' in the foyer,
Ima slammin' on my six string,
While Daddy strips down to his drawers..."


Is the child superimposed into the picture?
Also, here's a guitarface suggestion


Yeah, the kid is photoshopped in. I only know because I came across the original while doing a google image search a while back... for what I can't imagine now, but that's not a image that one forgets easily.


It is pretty clear that they are playing G.G.Allin's "Expose Yourself To Kids".


Prelude to a Reacharound

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