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May 05, 2006



someone please make this antique blowhard go away

hard to believe this was such a major influence in my life when I was a teen in the 70s

first night of the pistols reunion tour was at Red Rocks in Colorado. rotten wheezed and whined worst than my mom on her deathbead from cancer, fuckin pathetic piece of shit

fatty jubbo

whenever I see a picture of John Lydon, I am stuck staring at it for a few minutes wondering where that skinny spastic little weirdo is in that bloated bore of a man. While I appreciate his caustic speaking schtick- ultimately it comes off as schtick...I mean, where has he progressed in 30 years? If he was still producing quality material, I could forgive it...but he seems to be an awfully bitter old man stuck in a loop. This is especially saddening considering the revolutionary work he did with the early PIL records (and the Sex Pistols too!).

His book was pretty good...he doesn't come off as jaded as he does in recent speaking engagements.

Krys O.

He STILL has the cutest dimples.

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