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May 26, 2006



they're made for grown-up taste.

Ian W.

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How very 1997!


Good riddance. When I was a very young kid, the commercial jingle for Peek Freans (a very serious cookie) just made me incredibly resentful. Cookies were for kids! And any annoying kid who 'plans to be an adult' should be eating spinach or crumpets or something if he liked adults so much. When I finally tasted a Peek Freans (ugh, that name), as an adult, I felt even more resentful: so this is what the adults were hoarding? This tasteless...biscuit?


I don't know that I've ever eaten a Peek Frean, but the name has a strange effect on me.

The end of an era.


Is that the shortbread in the pic? They've stopped making the shortbread? Ah (as in an expression of shock). I haven't bought any in awhile but I used to love it. Their Petit Buere is good too.



Listener FFG

"If products don't seem to be popular with our consumers, and demand starts to drop, a decision is made to discontinue the item. Once this decision is made, we stop making the product and the remaining supply is shipped from our warehouse to the grocery stores."

But what happens after that?! I can't believe Kim could leave you hanging like that!



Bronwyn, I recall that I used to tease you about Chessmen being your favorite Pepperidge Farm variety; it was only later in life that I came to appreciate shortbread cookies. Now with this whole Peek Frean thing I feel just terrible for have my sympathies.


I remember Peek Freans... they were supposed to be distinctive... (like Pepperidge Farms Milanos) but they should have tried "Peek Freans - EXTREME" or "Chocolate Frosted Peek Freans"... or maybe "Tantric Peek Freans" but to just give up and let a brand die is so... so... KRAFTy of them... I'll bet they're letting the Stella D'ora Breakfast Treats die too... oh the humanity??? Speaking of foods... I heard the chocolate orange isn't made in England any more... Nestles bought 'em and moved the whole operation to Poland... but I'm drifting...


i think canada still has them in production, i could send you some.


Peek Freens, Schmeek freens. I'm still wondering what happened to Hydrox.


Yeah, I'm sure they're still available in Canada. I recall buying some chocolate dipped Peak Freens at some point in the past decade too - I don't know why those didn't catch on!


Toffifay is also "too good for kids, Toffifay is made for grownups"....and I think they're history too.

Bronwyn C.

Hello, everybody--thanks for your comments.
The photo is of a box of "Nice" biscuits, always my favorite: the overall crunchy blandness just barely relieved by a faint hint of cocoanut flavor and the sugar sprinkles on top. My Dog Saunders and I used to enjoy them with our tea, and it's hard to think they simply no longer exist--sort of like Dog Saunders himself.
I never cared much for Peek Frean's so-called shortbread, which I doubt had any butter in it at all, and chocolate-dipped cookies are the devil's dumptruck and must be shunned at all times. But Nice biscuits were delightful, plus they were named Nice. I hope Kraft is happy with their big factories puking out individually-wrapped slices of cheese-like product.

Carolyn V.

I am devastated! There used to be one store in Portland when we moved here seven years ago that carried Peek Frean cookies. Our favorites were Arrowroot and Ginger. I can't believe that they're they're discontinued, but that would explain why I haven't been able to find them anywhere. What is the world coming to? Celestial Seasoning doesn't make Emperor's Choice herb tea anymore, either.

Bronwyn C.

Oh, yeah--those ginger ones were good, too.


I have had this jingle in my head for 20 years. My wife had never heard it and thought it was a figment of my imagination. I would like to thank Bronwyn, Google, and Kraft for taking the time to prove my sanity. I couldn't remember the name of the cookies because it is so stupid. So I sang "peep freams are very serious", etc. Hope you laughed at me as much as I did when I found out the actual name is actually not much better!! I've never seen one in person, by the way, let alone tasted one. Sounds like that's a good thing.

looks like you can buy them since they are still made in Canada. check out the above website...

Adam B

I can cure your Peek Freans obsession in 10 easy lessons. "Peek Freans are a very serious cookie..much too good to be wasted on you rotten lousy kids!" I loved to have them for dessert after a Manwich (a sandwich is a sandwich but a Manwich is a meal)

Karen Woodwoth

When I was a kid (a long time ago) we used to love the Peak Frean biscuts
covered in various colored hard icing and stenciled animals. Some were oval and
some round. The kids loved them, they were given to us as a treat. When did you stop making them or are they still available somewhere other than Canada?


I was having a serious craving for a Petit Buerre today too. I didn't know they don't make them anymore and I had to settle for some Lu kind instead. OK but not as good as PF :(

Wendy Parks

Our family absolutely LOVED PF arrowroot cookies! We ate them all of the time & they were great for ice cream sandwiches. However, they have now disappeared from our local grocery shelves. For a while, we'd find them during the holidays at a local drugstore, but they are nowhere to be found. PLEASE bring them back! And who decided to discontinue them? Everyone we know thought they were great!


Hi from Canada and sorry to hear Kraft dumped your Peek Freans, tragic. I found a web site that ships Peek Freans cookies worldwide, called
And no I don't work for them! Just don't like to see anyone go without their favorite nummies! Here's the link ~ enjoy your tea and biscuits!
Barbara :) Salt Spring Island, Canada


This subject refuses to die.

The extraordinarily serious cookie lives on:

They're still much too good to waste on children. Oh, they're serious. Verrrrrry serious.

Judi Davis

My mother has a metal round cookie box with a picture of a young child holding a dog. I just wanted to know if there is any value to the box or if anyone would want it.

Jim Bailey

I worked in London from 1942-1947 Just two blocks from the factory. Ah the aroma!
Went to Canada in 1956 and lived with Mr. Bert Bryan who built the plant on Bermondsey Rd.

In my humble opinion these are the finest cookies ever made. Bert told me they paid more for the butter they put in them than housewives, becuase they wanted the extra buttery taste. They had a machine that made snow beacause it was better than plain water for the mixes.
Now in Florida I still get 'Care Packages" from my in-laws in Toronto.
(Expecting one shortly) Sorry!!!

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