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May 22, 2006



Radiation is still the rage out here in the West, at the Free Enterprise Radon Health Mine in Boulder, Montana, with free wireless Internet, even underground! I'll go there some day and listen to WFMU while being cured by radioactivity.


This is pretty intriguing. I had no idea that people were so in love with radiation. Well, I guess they were in love with DDT for a while too. Drinking radioactive water sounds like lots of fun, and I wish I'd been around to see it.

Anna Neale

I am working with the Low Level Radiation Campaign who are about as well informed as anybody on the hangover a race can get after flirting with too much nuclear technology the night before. Have a look at my blog for the gritty day to day problems of living downstream of Sellafield.

x-ray fluorescence

I had no idea that people were so in love with radiation.But drinking radioactive water sounds like lots of fun for me..

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