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May 06, 2006



Little factoid, the Ketjak, which appears to be a traditional ritual, was invented in the 30s to cater to the tastes of Western tourists at the time.


I too have always loved Kotjak, one of many spellings of it, and first saw a version of it in the 80s. I have it on tape, digitized it tonight and have uploaded it to my Yahoo Briefcase here: (in the FMU files section,, 4.9mb Quicktime, 4:34)



martin n

telly or ving? there's really only one Kojack and thats......err, oops.....


As i understand it Ketjak was even 'invented' by a German choreographer.
I saw it performed live on Bali, Indonesia. It was impressive.

Robert J. Pellegrine Ed.D.

I read about "monkey chants" at soccer matches. I have no idea what these are. Can you sort of tell me

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