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May 01, 2006



It looks like Doug is right, according to this site:

"Hannes Coetzee is an aloe tapper and self-taught musician from Herbertsdale in the Klein Karoo. He plays traditional and original compositions using a teaspoon in his mouth to slide the melody on his guitar. The only known practioner of this style, he is able to play the melody and the accompanying chords at the same time creating the sound of two guitars with one."

And here is a description of the documentary with a picture of Hannes Coetzee and David Kramer: Karoo Kitaar Blues


It would make sense that it is Hannes Coetzee, for in the description of the musicians in the film on David Kramer's website, it states that "Hannes Coetzee’s is a soft-spoken 72-year old whose job is tapping the aloes that grow around his Karoo hometown of Herberstdale for their medicinal juice." The guitarist in the
video is filmed amongst some of the most giant aloes that I have ever seen.


that is the most positivley awesome thing i have ever seen. well, i guess segovia is pretty good, too...

Tony Brower

Added my musical two cents...

Tony (who's always looking for interesting musicians to play with)


having watched this a a few times now i've just ordered Karoo Kitaar Blues on DVD. say no more :) if anyone's interested. delivery from SA isn't cheap though!

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