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May 02, 2006


Craig Seufert

What? No "Get That Gasoline Blues" by NRBQ? Bob Brainen should give you 30 lashes with a wet noodle...


you mean johnny paycheck not DAC

Station Manager Ken

"you mean johnny paycheck not DAC"

Actually, I did mean David Allen Coe - he wrote "Take This Job and Shove It." Johnny Paycheck had the hit with it in 1979.


Tom Friday

Hey, though it's more recent, don't forget "Year of the Car Crash" by Warsawpack. there's a link to the mp3 on this page:

Mr. Soule

Oo - don't forget "N-ER-GEE (Crisis Blues)" by the Residents, from the MEET THE RESIDENTS album (1974).

Bob S

Also "Gallon Of Gas" by The Kinks....

Linus Mines

Too funky to be a novelty song, but worthy of mention:

"Only So Much Oil in the Ground" by Tower of Power (from 1974's 'Urban Renewal')



And, Bill Horowitz's "New American Guilt Trip" off of his "Lies. Lies, Lies" lp (Great album, whose title refers to kindly Dr. Kissinger)


Should include Jimi's "Up from the Skies" on this list.


You forgot the best one of all ... "Energy Crisis '74" by Dickie Goodman!

Rick Ele

Bobby Lloyd and the Windfall Prophets from Springfield, MO, released a DIY single in 1979 called "Gas Money" b/w "Crazy Country Hop" on Borrowed Records. Maybe the A-side wasn't the timeliest fuel crisis novelty song, but this one was one of the more clever ones to come outta the punk/new wave set.

And although the context is wrong (and the spelling), "We Need Inergy" by the Zero Boys can very easily be adapted to fit the theme. And it's such a great song!


"Crude Oil Blues" by the underrated Jerry Reed


Biz Markie has a hilarious cover of the "Energy Blues" from School House Rock.


A hard-to-find song is Dicky Williams' "Waiting In The Gas Line" which was originally released on the Jackson, Mississippi based Ace Records and was rereleased on an Ace Records compilation CD that's now out of print.

Max Ripley

Does anyone have any more information on Diana Gardiner? I thought the song featured here "President Nixon don't you ration my gas" was really nice and I thought it'd be good to find out more about her or if theres any more stuff by her.


To anybody who loves good pickin, I came across a great tribute CD to Jerry Reed called Jerry Reed Revisted. It is incredible! Check it out!!!

J. Mesa

what bpout Popular Demand's The 400 Mile Gas Line?


Nice list of songs. Imust hear them all! :)


I'm looking for a song from either 1979 or 1980 and all I can recall is a line that says "Let 'em pay a buck and a half for a loaf of bread". I thought it was Charlie Daniels but, I can't seem to find the song anywhere. I can't recall the name of it, only that one line and that it had to do with the high gas prices.

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