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May 05, 2006



Incredible web site!

I did not know there were so many covers made of this tune.

Thans for taking the time to set it up!



This is an amazing collection. I am very impressed. I did want to point out though ... there are only 99 unique files ... I think you may be 2 shy of 101.


What about the track "Voodoo Dick" by Aber N. Stein? It contains parts of Stairway To Heaven.
Link: http://musicbuilder.net/music/bands/3667/
It's the second one down.


web is good look me web www.aerosmith1x5.cjb.net


and Dread Zeppelin's version was producted by Plant and Page

Chicken Fingers

There's also a version that the band Great White did. It's actually really good too.

Gerard de Suresnes

whoaw, i dont might there was so many versions !


Congo Natty is a famous umbrella group/label for d&b & jungle artists (headed by Rebel MC).

What you have labelled as reggae is drum&bass (jungle). Electronic music with 170 beats per minute!

The song is a remix of Stairway to Heaven with "Junglist", a song which is as much a d&B anthemn as Stairway is a rock one.

It is not REGGAE (though it does have influences)!


DJ Earworm's mash up "Stairway to Bootleg Heaven" is worth a go, mashing the Dolly Parton version with The Eurythmics, The Beatles, Laurie Anderson, Art Of Noise, The Beastie Boys and Pat Benatar...


Ah, you got it already.

C. Reider

Drone Forest has an entire album reworking "Stairway to Heaven" into an ambient drone. It's called "Airways Nova Teeth" and it exists here:


No "Stairway to Heaven" cover collection is complete without The Wonder Band's disco "Stairway to Love". Some more info on rare Zeppelin covers here:


Its a collection of butcheries of my favorite song!


the iron horse and nashville super pickers versions are exactly the same note for note as far as i can tell. after removing one of those an adding another version i picked up in the comments there, that brings my folder to 99 versions...

brion fan

BTW... It is Jon Brion (not Brian).


Yes it's Brian not Brion LOL

BWT nice collection of songs you have here

great work :)


The one labelled "Final Fantasy X" seems to just be the London Symphony Orchestra cover. I'm pretty sure it didn't appear in Final Fantasy X.


There is one by Metallica!


The words can be sung the tune of "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald". :D


The Camper van Beethoven track is called Hairway to Steven, not?


a friend of mine just told about this site here: www.coverinfo.de
maybe it's worth having a look. they have at least 50 different cover-versions of 'stairway to heaven' and possibly some that you haven't on your list.

luiz anelli

maravilha.....nem acreditei qdo vi...



There are two versions of Jana.

So, not reach 101 versions.


One more version!

Link: http://rapidshare.de/files/22676694/Stairway_to_heaven.zip.html



Rio de Janeiro - Brazil


Siento escribir en español, pero... Lo que importa es lo que se dice no cómo se dice no?? Fantástico!!Una buena recopilación, pero hay versiones que dejan mucho que desear... Nadie iguala a la original!!!!!

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