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May 05, 2006



Thank you very much, I always hated this song and all my friends loved it.
Whenever we got in a discussion about why they thought it was one of the greatest songs ever (their reasons for loving it were my reasons for hating it)they always played it to death for me.
The result being that I started to hate it even more.
Now I can make a compilation cd of all the versions, glue it shut in their cd players and set the controls on repeat so they have to listen to it on hours.
Hah that'll show those bastards, I'll bet they'll never listen to that god awful song ever again.


didn't dolly parton cover stairway to heaven???


The 1992 LP you quote at the start is an abridged selection of the original CD from "The Money or the Gun" which had 22 covers of the song.


Where is Metalica
I like Metalica so much. I don't wanna miss thing


What a great selection of this fantastic piece of music. I sincerly thank you for providing this.


Check out the (Foo Fighters)...Dave Grohl's acoustic version

aion kinah

Unless you're counting the original, which isn't listed for download, there are, at this time, only 55 versions, not 56.


i listened an acoustic version by radio where there was a celestial female voice not properly singing but a sort of following the sound ... can't find anywhere, even emailed the radio but got no answer ... years and years searching

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