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May 05, 2006


Station Lanager Ken

"Unless you're counting the original, which isn't listed for download, there are, at this time, only 55 versions, not 56."

I'm counting that Jeroen Offerman version, even though it's not a download. I think it's the most amazing version of all.



have a listen to the track: ''taurus'' off of the first album by SPIRIT. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. what year is that record? hmmmmmmmmm. were they obscure and unheard of. well, no i don't theenk so.


have a listen to the track: ''taurus'' off of the first album by SPIRIT. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. what year is that record? hmmmmmmmmm. were they obscure and unheard of. well, no i don't theenk so.


Uhm, that's not really the Doors, is it?
They sound too good (sober) for starters, and SWTH was released october 1971, some 3 months after Jim Morisson's death...


I've always preferred Dread Zeppelin's version, though one needs to actually see TORTELVIS (the lead singer) in full Elvis regalia to "get" the complete "effect"

Every beach party I've ever been to always (somehow) happens to have some guy attempting to play "Stairway" on someone's borrowed acoustic guitar 'round the fire pit...


umm, no. it's the australian doors show, as it says in the mp3 filename a tribute band, who dress up like the doors, are selcted for the band on their ability to resemble members of the doors, etc, etc. we have a great tradition of these bands in australia, including, acca dacca (ac/dc), beyond the dark side (pink floyd - who apparently put on a pretty big production, pink floyd endorsed imitation of the dark side of the moon live show, i know a guy who was part of this band... he was kicked out for improvising in the parts where the floyd would, rather than playing the recorded versions note perfect), jet, the vines, and so on...
pick of these for me is the glass harp version.
and who cares if they ripped it off from spirit, it wouldn't matter if they ripped it off from fucking xenakis, it's still a dire piece of crap. all it goes to show ids these guys weren't smart enough to rip off good ideas...
do i sound bitter??

Tom McCartney

The Nashville Super Pickers version is actually those spoof-about-music hicks, Hayseed Dixie, whose versions of AC/DC songs are still the best.

LUKEY from ozz

geez man...i remember the damn show "the money or the gun" with host andrew denton(he's still around).....he was good back then but now he sux and is like the "bono" of australia.......yuck.


What, nothing about Reverend Billy C. Wirtz's tribute "Stairway to Freedbird?" I'm shocked!

Keep up the fine work, guys! If you run any extra versions of LOUIE LOUIE along the way, send 'em my way, OK?

E.P. at


Frank Zappa's 1988 Broadway The Hardway Tour
had 59 Performances of Stairway To Heaven

The arrangement is the most advenrurous of any version ever recorded with the 5 piece horn section and Mike Keneally doing Page's solo note for note.

Zappa weaves his magic taking this track from an opening Reggae Vamp at a Mexican Carnival to Satan's Snoffer Misleading a bunch of highly rythmic individuals only mking me wonder why this song gets no airplay whatsoever.

Kill Ugly Radio

Commercial Radio is afraid of Zappa. He could take any song ever written where once he puts his eyebrows on it became Zappa where his genious in comparoson to what has ever or will ever happen in the rock & roll world is mediocre at best.

200 years from now Frank Zappa's impact on music will continue to vinbrate loud and strong like a big note where The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who and Led Zeppelin will be Rock and Roll bands from 200 years ago.


"200 years from now Frank Zappa's impact on music will continue to vinbrate loud and strong like a big note where The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who and Led Zeppelin will be Rock and Roll bands from 200 years ago."

Is Hall900 right? You betcha!

Information is not knowledge
Knowledge is not wisdom
Wisdom is not truth
Truth is not beauty
Beauty is not love
Love is not music
Music is the BEST!


how does today's link to the Richard Cheese version differ from the original link to the exact same file in the same location posted in the original branch? My browser even shows it as a visited link...


Great to hear the SCTV version, especially since the rights issues deep-sixed this skit's inclusion on the recent box set


If anyone has video's from The Money or The Gun I would *love* to have a copy. Either as AVI or I'll pay to have the copy sent... my favourite was the opera version (with the fat lady climbing the staircase ... brilliant!!!!). allan_evans at


There's also a live version by Guns n' Roses. I have it, but I don't see any e-mail where I can send it, so mail me ;-)


@ Michel >>>>

"E-mail it to me at ken at wfmu dot org or send me the URL where I can download it and I will add it."


Stairway song rules !

Grts from Belgium



@Veyzie: did you recieve it by mail?

Grtz from above (Nederland ;-))


"Unknown Acoustic Version" is a Led Zeppelin demo from the fourth album sessions in January 1971. I don't know if Led Zeppelin versions should go towards the total... there are around 200 live versions available on various bootlegs.

"Doug Anthony All Stars" and "Barry Crocker & The Doug Anthony Allstars" is the same version, both taken from "The Money Or The Gun - Stairways To Heaven".


I'm a bit surprised noone has posted about this yet. Here's one attempt at the lyrics to the backwards version I've seen. I know of a couple others, but this is the best. And just to give some context, here are a couple of quotes from Robert Plant about the lyrics:

"You can't find anything if you play that song backwards. I know, because I've tried. There's nothing there. We never made a pact with the Devil. The only deal I think we ever made was with some of the girls' High Schools in San Fernando valley." (Q magazine, 1988)

"Everybody can interpret them however they will. It's potential optimism, lyrically. It's saying that if you hold tight, you can make it all right."

Stairway Backwards

Play it backwards - hear why it's sung here, oppositioner! (0:05-0:16)

Oh, here's the soundtrack, all arising! (0:37-1:18)
They all sin and they are won
Shall I loathe you now, parishoner?
Oh hear Him christian within me?
Oh it stirs my skin: the river
Oh she snows without lovin' us
Oh liar, it will end before Him!
We're all outside an' I know I saw they shout:
"Hear the Lord! My God now will save me"

Ohh I will now sing world, 'cause I live with Satan (2:29-2:55)
One wish today - world pray with three who will make it here late
Pray now an' you'll win - The 'Lord' turned me on but
Oh, I was the shaggy fool clothed in agony, lost at a height

Ohh! (3:01-3:13)
There's no escapin' it!

All at war, here's t' my sweet Satan (3:21-3:42)
No other made a path, for it makes me sad, whose power is Satan
He'll give those with him 666
And all the evil, it was there, they made our souls must have Satan

Whoah oh oh

With fire you all get loose, they're all for me! (4:11-4:33)
All that soothes the water
Always will be as we know now
"I see runes" said he, "the world they offered me"
Who is the Lo-ord if we lose feather? Say you'll save me!

And no-one's gonna be the ruler (4:39-4:54)
And no-one can do

Hunt next to th' sword, 'cause they see all from there (5:02-5:24)
See here's the news, who walks with me?
Please! Perhaps no-one found me
Heavy, lift me out - make me leave someday
Say it with whose one line-up, they gotta leave for Satan

And no-one's gonna rule (5:27-5:45)
And no-one can do

And he said lots, both have our laws: mass must (6:05-6:30)
He is superb - master Satan
Over the ab he who should love me
Any man that serves my, my swan music
They worship with snow, I wish them over my master, Satan

Only hear word's sung, the oppositioner oooh (6:31-6:56)
He who snow
They make his snow worthy
So look for us, now answer me!
There's one chance - take his snow

Hold thy head (6:58-7:09)
Hear words sung! The oppositioner
Who owns this earth built below?
Oh sweet Israel

(Don) Diego

Thanks a lot for uploading my version! I'm flattered! ;)


there is no version from the Guns n'Roses : it's the song from Led Zeppelin's BBC session.


That Zakk Wylde one does not sound at all like him. Sounds more like Don Dokken, but not Zakk! Can't be him.

paul nickerson

Didn't see Stairway to Gilligan's Isle covered on your awesome blog.

As for Zappa: Ah Frank, we hardly knew ya. Saw him in Berkeley Ca.


There is a version by The Austrailian Doors on the the cd single of the rolf harris version. Its quite bizzare as it sounds like Jim Morrison is alive and covering the tune in only the way he could.

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