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May 29, 2006



That's funny. I just did a week as an Arbitroner.

Ended up listening to 'FMU about 2-4 hours a day.

Got 6 bux, too.


As scary as this is, could you imagine how confused arbitron would be with the tastes of your average fmu'er? I mean talk about shunning most stuff they want you to listen to! Other than the infrequent kelly clarkson jingle in ken's show I know that I usually can't find 99% of what I hear on here other than through special orders. Which kinda stinks cause it just shows that there is so much great stuff out there that most people will never hear, arbitron or no arbitron.

Steve PMX

This thing looks remarkably similar to that ankle bracelet Martha Stewart had to wear under house arrest... and the concept of the portable Arbitroninonometer does have an Orwellian, invisible big-brothery vibe to it.

check the similarities:
Arbitroninometer -
Martha's House Arrest ankle bracelet -

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