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June 22, 2006


Krys O.


It helps if you put a sponge in the pail when you scream into it.


check out "theresa screams," the greatest song the Melvins ever released. on Singles 1-12.


The song "Scream Thy Last Scream" is actually a Syd Barrett song, not a Pink Floyd song. Barrett made it after he left Floyd in '68. It was one of the few songs Barrett wrote after he succumbed to LSD. Many believe it was his way of saying that he was departing the land of the sane and entering that lonely realm of insanity. Another good song by Barrett is "Vegetable Man," in where Barrett simply describes what he's wearing. It's a really good song.


The unreleased rough mix for "STLS" presented here, despite the above comment, is indeed a Pink Floyd recording, albeit one of Syd's latter compositions. The presence musically of Waters and Wright is unmistakable—this is not the result of any of the solo sessions. See these comments from bootleg CD notes, which I feel confident are factual:

"4. Scream Thy Last Scream This one is wonderful! The famous unreleased single appears here with the best sound quality ever. There's absolutely no tape hiss, no distortion, no background noise! Sound quality is better than on "Magnesium Proverbs", "Sights And Sounds Of Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd", "Early Singles"... If you want the definitive STLS version, get this CD. It was recorded on 9 Aug 1967, and it was planned to be the third U.K. single (w/ "Vegetable Man" as the B-side), but it was cancelled, so the third single (the last with Barrett) was finally "Apples And Oranges"/"Paintbox", released on 18 Nov 1967. Sound quality: Sup!"


Here's links to the song, "Scream and Scream Again" by Amen Corner from the soundtrack to the film. I saw it whan it came out & I was 14, allowed to wander the streets of Philadelphia alone during a visit to my Aunt Flora. It was awesomely horrible. I got the DVD as a gift from my daughter this Father's Day, & I recently watched it again.
See my blog for another Amen Corner entry about the song, "Bend Me, Shape Me" if you're interested.


Hey lex10, there are some cool mp3s on your index page—thanks a bunch—love those Mumps!


thanks, 2.5 years later.....

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