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June 13, 2006


Steve PMX

That picture is the shit. Except it almost looks like a meth lab exploding through the window.


A bit of caution on the Degen 1103. Although the radio does have great reception, sometimes the Quality Control ain't what it should be. I bought one a month ago, worked fine for 2 weeks and then wouldn't turn on, would only display the clock. Other folks have reported similar problems. It costs almost as much to ship it back and forth from China as it would to buy a new one, so if purchasing one cross your fingers and hope you get a good one. One last note there is also a Yahoo group for DE 1103 owners


Great! Just got 9550 Cuba here in the Netherlands! As well as the European based. And a lot in arabic not listed in your scan.


I've had my Degen 1103 for about a year and a half, great little radio. I had the radio go dead on me about 6 months ago but was able to bring it back to life by inserting the end of a paper clip into the reset hole and holding for about a minute. Lost all my presets but the radio has worked fine ever since. Just thought I'd share as it seems like a fairly common problem with this unit.


No idea what any of the stuff you can't identify is but I always enjoy the shit out of your scans.

Dale Hazelton

I've had a couple of my radios go dead on me, usually after inserting batteries or plugging the AC adapter back in -- a Grundig Satellit 700 and a Radio Shack (Sangean) DX398. Both times the "reset" button revived the unit. This must be common to all portable shortwave sets, perhaps static discharge with the antenna up screws up the processor. If in doubt, go for the paper clip.

Paul Taylor

Regarding the music box tune on 9560... that's exactly how KBS World Radio end their broadcasts, as relayed to the UK via Skelton. And it always cuts off right in the middle of the tune!

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