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June 25, 2006


Steve PMX

sounds pretty stinky.

Miss Us



I am a reader from Extremadura, and I'm very surprised! Exportations are not developed in this Spanish region, even for the rest of the country, but I hope this situation changes. That cheese is a marvel. How much it costed?



Wendy, Cheese Snob

Hi "English Breaker":

There are a few importers in the United States bringing in cheese from your region. Forever Cheese in New York City and Rogers International in Portland, Maine are 2 I can think of off the top of my head.

But you are correct: Spanish cheeses in general are a fairly recent arrival in the United States, and we are only beginning to explore what's available from Extremadura.

In addition to La Serena, we also have Torta del Casar (which seems to be the same cheese, but with a different name) and Ibores. All are readily available (usually) in the New York area. All are wonderful, and I'd personally love to see more cheeses coming in from Extremadura.

The prices of these cheeses vary, depending on which shop they come from.

Thanks for writing!
-Wendy, Cheese Snob

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