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June 22, 2006


Chris Penn Lover

I think you might be over-anylizing things a bit. But maybe that's your whole point and you're making some comment on the pretentiousness of rock criticism and ... now you've got me doing it!
Anywho, the Scissor Girls are superawesomefantastic! The Scissor Sisters, on the other hand, suck. Suck hard! How dare they use such a similar name! It besmirches SG's good name by association, sorta ... maybe not ... whatever.
Anyway, great post bro. Speaking of 90's Chicagoian neo-no-wave bands - someone should really do a piece here on Zeek Sheck sometime. That'd be killer!
Seacrest out!

fatty jubbo

I did really pain over this one and ultimately I do think I overanylized a bit. I am really coming at it from a perspective of my 18 year old self who read too much into things. I am also trying to articulate why this band was so unique- which wasn't only in the music. me pretensious, but I can eat up any rock critisism that is a well informed personal reading into music no matter how far left field they go.

fatty jubbo

er- i mean criticism.

zeek sheck soon, too!

fatty jubbo

or overanylization is a bit hackneyed and oversimplified.


i cannot view any mp4 file.. ever!

i have RealPlayer, DiVx, QTime, Windows Media Player (which I know doesn't support it..)

Any downloads I have to install?


fatty jubbo


J. Niimi

The drummer of Bride of No No is now in the Ridiculous Trio, the Stooges tribute brass band I started as a joke with some friends in the local improv scene.

J. Niimi

By the way, keep 'em coming, man. Excellent job!

Kelly Kuvo

Hello Fatty,

Thanks for the blog on the SG's. It was really fun to read!

Here's something to make you laugh, hopefully- FYI: Somewhere in the WFMU archives is a live version of the SG song "The Mighty I Am Presence" that I performed on The Stork Room show (I think?) in July or August 1998 with my band at the time Sweet Thunder. We then performed the lyrics to "I'm Alright" by Kenny Loggins to the tune of "Mighty I Am". Note to music geeks: Not only were 2 future Fischerspooner windbags performing with me that day, but also art darling Gavin Russom who now makes trippy noizey stuff for DFA records.

Anyways, I can dig around and find out the exact date and everything if you're interested in hearing that live performance of the SG song. The DJ gave me a cassette tape of the show that day, but it's in storage in Brooklyn right now (and I'm in LA).

Thanks again,

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