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June 01, 2006



Ahhhh... the memories...


Hm... I wonder where does Apocalyptica fit into?

Pussy Galore

Great Rundown a real cack. On the serious side how about a feature on the top 20 avant metal albums of all time. I need the tips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cool list but what about Norwegian Black Metal? I think Emperor with I Am The Black Wizards would perfectly match. Don`t you think?




Where's the Slayer?


I just launched today on 6/6/6. This is going to be a social networking site for Metal fans. If you are interested in being a part of it from the beginning check it out, and fill out the contact form. Early entries will have a better chance of getting the name they want when I open up the membership section of the site because I will be sending out an email to those people first. For example "" could end up being your own personal DemonSpace page.


At 06:06 I was driving to work on 06/06/06.
I played some demonic sounds to welcome HIM into the world & to put the fear of DOG into all the good boys & girls.
This CD listing would have been the biscuit, but only Sabbath was worthy of that moment.
Excellent research & a mighty listing.


better sissy spacek tracks :


Does anyone knows, is it possible to get more Depth songs?:) or does they have an offical page? I searched for them but didn't find anything


Many thanks for this incredible list!

Linus Wilson

I'm with Lazarus on this one. I really dig the Depth song but I can't find ANYTHING by them...does anybody know album titles or anything that could help me out here?


What no techno porno grind??

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